Saturday, January 10, 2015

You Completed the Caption

This couple's fun in the sun brought out the best in you! Your captions went like this:

Six of the best: Learning to BUM steer on water with pleasure.

Roz: For today's lesson I'll be showing you a new stroke.

DelFonte: Are you sure this is a good place to spank me?

Anon: This isn't what I imagined when you said you like to get wet during a spanking.

Minelle: "Watch your feet! Good perfect position."

Ronnie: They were both newcomers to surfing.

Ricky:  Actually, Hon, push-ups in the water are a lot easier than on land.

Baxter: Him:I love pushing your bottom dear. It is so soft and beautiful.
Her: thank you for the nice words honey about my butt. But you will still be spanked later for your fingers wandering into my crack.
Him: Yes dear.

Dr. Ken: She: "First off, I'm not drowning, I'm conscious, I don't need first aid, and that's not the way to do CPR! So please stop pushing THERE and saying, 'Out with the bad air, in with the good'!"

King Span: You're right - I can still feel the heat from your spanking this morning.

ancilla-ksst: Hey sharks! Take her first!

Welcome, ancilla_ksst!

Sir Wendel: Tropical Paradise Water Spanking gold medalists John and Mary Smith

Hermione: You'll never make the Olympic swim team if I have to give you a swat to get you started.

Thank you all for your funny captions. Coming up next, a somewhat different type of  brunch discussion, so please stay tuned.

Three final words: Je suis Charlie.
From Hermione's Heart

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