Monday, January 12, 2015

Recap: Spanko Brunch 2.0 for January 11

Our topic this week was advice on spanking machines, and here are your replies:

Six of the best: NO, Hermione, with a capitol NO, I would not buy this spanking machine, because it does NOT, give me the sexual and erotic satisfaction of wielding a CANE in my hand, as I 'swish' it lovingly down on a naughty ladies bare bottom.

Nina: I don't believe hubby would spend money on such a thing. Maybe it could serve its purpose, but for us it is important that we have the chance to reconnect and deepen our bond. This does not happen with such a thingy.

Simon: Well it appears to work at least. I've seen a similar although bigger machine on the Spanking Machine site. I find them intriguing but ultimately pointless. After all it's the interaction between spanker and spankee that's the the fun surely.

Roz: No, I wouldn't consider a spanking machine. They may be effective, but I agree with Simon, it's the interaction between spanker and spankee.

Baxter: I agree with the comments so far. Since I have a loving wife who knows how to spank, this machine could not replace the interaction between wife and I during a spanking. If someone did not have a spouse or partner that spanked, they could hire a disciplinarian to help out and again, there would be that person to person interaction.

Minelle: Nah, I agree with those above. If someone didn't have a partner and needed the fantasy, or the discipline, that would be different.

Dr. Ken: Why in the world would I ever want to buy one? I'd rather spank someone myself--it's much more fun!

Arched one: From the looks of things the machine company would go out of business. I agree with the rest, interaction between two people is best, also I don't think the machine can scold like Mistress R can.

Sir Wendel: I wouldn’t buy it. Nothing can replace the sensation of giving and getting a spanking from a real person.

D: Never seen a Spankermachine. I suppose it might be fun to lounge in my chair with a drink and watch Susan bent, bound, and bared whilst the machine worked it's wicked way with her nice bottom until she was begging for it to be switched off; but I'd much rather have her wriggling over my lap whilst my hand worked it's wicked way on her welcoming cheeks, which we both enjoy, and which she rarely asks me to stop.

Ronnie: No not for me and I agree with others - interaction between two people is the best.

PK: I don't think I'd get one now, but there have been times in my life when I probably would have. It looks like it would work and if you don't have a spanker and have to rely on fantasy it looks like as good as you're going to get.

Blondie: Well it looks interesting. I would never buy one. Part of the spanking that I enjoy is that it is my husband who is spanking me. Also, it seems that the lady getting spanked had to move back and forth so both of her cheeks were getting spanked. Great idea though.

Enzo: No would not buy one. However, the thought of someone in a long distance relationship wanting to purchase this a "stand-in" spanker this would solve the problem. At least it is smaller than other devices I have seen advertised.

Hermione: I wouldn't buy one, but if one were given to me, it would be fun to try. Who knows, though? If I had no loving husband to spank me, I might reconsider.

Sorry, ronjon, but no one has actually tried it. If you do decide to buy it, please let me know how you like it.
From Hermione's Heart

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