Saturday, January 24, 2015

You Completed the Caption

Dr. Ken: "Omigawd! I've been Photoshopped!"

Arched one: I've never been spanked on a plane yet.....Lets hurry and board.

Leigh: Giving new meaning to being "up in the air.

A. Lurker: Taking "grounded" to a whole new level.

Six of the best: "I could Flay this female Talegate all day, that's my say."

Ronjon: Could you bend over and help that passenger across the isle?

Baxter: It almost looks like a stewardess in the new uniform of the airline.

Woman says, "They told me the new uniform is like our airline, open the two doors and all the pleasure you want is right there. But my butt is chilly. Geee."

Sir Wendel: Surprisingly the Boeing Triple Spanking never caught on.

Ronnie: Up, Up and Away.

SweetPea: *Sigh* I totally left my riding crop on that plane.

DtBHC: Nice tail end

Anon: Not a traveller, a stewardess, I think, and she's forgotten to bring her skirt, and now waiting for a spanking from the Captain, or perhaps the passengers could take it in turn ?

Enzo: "If you lean forward, Miss, and take a closer look, you can see the tail-hook on the bottom of the plane.

Allow me to demonstrate how it works.

Much like hooking onto your g-string panties like this; pulling up and back keeps the target, be it the plane or your bottom, in target and in control."

Vfrat25000: Captain Kirk...Those are the old airplanes from Earth…The Starship Enterprise is over here. By the way, Captain, let me guess: Liza Minnelli Karaoke Contest last night at the Commander’s Club?

Who’s the half dressed flight attendant looking at the airplanes?
Her name is Carol. She is the Senior Flight Attendant on that new all adult airline: Get Lucky Air. Everybody in First Class gets to join the Mile High Club. The coach cabin gets to watch it on Hi-Def TV.

I’m sorry, Miss, this is a secure area no trespassing…Excuse me, I mean Sir!

For crying out loud, first they start storing old retired airplanes in our neighborhood and now they are starting to store old retired Strippers there too.

See that woman over there.
Yes, the one in the rather skimpy stewardess outfit.
Yes…senior flight attendant on Air Force One during the Clinton Era.

Hermione: The new uniforms gave Southwest Airlines a big boost in popularity.

For more high-flying fun, stay tuned for our weekly spanko brunch, coming up next. You're all welcome aboard.

From Hermione's Heart

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