Saturday, January 31, 2015

You Completed the Caption

You completed the caption for this photo in fine style!

Arched one: Are you sure you want to do this?
Oh yes he deserves it. He was not polite to you and deserves to be spanked by both of us. When he gets in here we'll lay the barrel on it's side and bend him over it and spank him good.

GaryNTboy: Mavis! it's really not a good idea to fart. This barrel is full of gunpowder!

DtBHC: Ladies, enough dallying, get yourselves over the barrel, skirts up and knickers down.

Nina: After a night out in the clubs, no display of innocence will save them from their well-deserved spanking.

DelFonte: Do you think he's learnt his lesson?
Oh let him stew in the barrel for a little while longer.
And then what?
We run!

Dr.Ken: 1st Lady: "Sitting on this barrel hurts! My husband spanked me last night and told me I couldn't wear any knickers today!"
2nd Lady: "You should worry about what he's going to do when he sees you posed for this picture! You probably won't sit comfortably for a week!"

Leigh: They should worry, they may be over the barrel if they don't watch their step.

Baxter: Do you think our husbands will really spank us when they see us sitting on this barrel behaving?
Oh yes, and they probably will pull our knickers down and spank our bare bottoms with us laying over the barrel.
I can't wait. I have such wonderful orgasms when my husband paddles my bottom.
Me too. My husband uses a tawse on me and oooooh it really excites me.

Sir Wendel: Oh boy. We’re getting a spanking. Hurray. We’re happy.

Ronnie: The two suffragettes decided on a different tack than tying themselves to the railings.

Six of the best: Yes, these two naughty women should worry, for tonight their husbands will have a surprise for them. Namely a good spanking on their knickers down bare bottoms, for participating in woman's suffragette activities. The cane will dance a merry tune, on their naked rear ends.

ricky: Victorian Gothic's barrel of laughs.

Vfrat25000: Penelope, I think I’m stuck to this barrel
Me too Prudence. Some dastardly drinker put molasses on our Temperance Protest Barrel.

Penelope, haven’t we taken enough Temperance photos? Let’s go get some of Aunt Minnie’s Special Lemonade.

Adeline, I have this uncontrollable urge to get naked!
Should we Agnes? Our straight laced old fuddy-duddies of husbands would never understand.
That’s the plan! Of course you know we will get a spanking when we get home!
Oh I so hope so! Last one out of her bloomers has to run three laps around the barrel!

That little weasel McFarland Pertnoy would have to catch us just sampling that bottle of Cabernet. Why couldn’t he mind his own business? Now that we have him in the barrel what do we do with him?

Anastasia, I am super bored with protesting alcohol, besides I like a couple of margaritas with dinner. Is there anything else we can go after?
I know Alma, let’s go to England and start an anti-spanking porn movement.
Anastasia, I love being spanked and I love the spanking websites.
I do too Alma but hold your voice down. Somebody might hear you. Of course, it’s just like alcohol. It's do as we say not as we do. (Behind closed doors of course!)

JT: F/m - M/f. Alfred E Newman has nothing on us!

Welcome JT!

Hermione: You, young gentlemen, are the ones who should worry. Now bend over that barrel, both of you.

For more fun and games please join us for a super brunch, being served shortly.
From Hermione's Heart

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