Saturday, May 16, 2015

You Completed the Caption

What is this naughty miss up to now? Here's what you said:

Baxter: The person who rubs/touches her bottom the best gets three wishes. One is a date with the performer, two is to spank the performer and three is to be spanked by the performer.

Nina: Spank me baby, like a wrecking ball :)

A. Lurker: Oh, I think I over-dressed for this performance.

Short guy to tall guy: I've about had it with her indecent behavior. I think it's time we showed her what happens to naughty girls who shake their booty in public like that. I'll go bend her over those amps and pin her in place. You get the paddle and we'll give these fans a real show. If they like the way she wiggles her butt now, wait until they see how she dances once you set her bottom on fire with that paddle.

Sir Wendel: Come on boys. It ain’t gonna spank itself!

Hermione: Talent? Who cares if I have any, when I've got this?

For more naughtiness, please stay for brunch. It's being served shortly.

From Hermione's Heart

1 comment:

Dr. Ken said...

"Dah da da dum...dd da dah__Can't spank this"