Tuesday, October 20, 2015

From the Top Shelf - A Nurse's Mistake

This brief extract is taken from Rick Adams Plantation Punishment published by Silver Moon books. I hope you enjoy it.

The mystical nectar that the young nurse had given me in the early hours of sleeplessness seemed to have incited Morpheus, the God of Dreams, to enter my mind, and I became tortured by white-robed virgins who caressed my body with their sweet breath, and hordes of inexhaustible nymphs and orgiastic wenches seemed to have their little heathen fingers around my rampant John Thomas.

Hallucinations gradually gave way to a blurred cloudy realisation of a soft hand performing a lewd act under my bedclothes. A sudden spasm of the flesh woke me and, as I opened my heavy eyes, I found that the fingers were my own.

"Good morning, Sir."

It was the young nurse shaking my shoulder, waking me from my salacious dream. "Here is your tea." She placed the tray on the table beside my bed, walked over to the large window and opened it wide to allow in the refreshing sunny morning air.

"Are you new?" I demanded.

"Yes, Sir," she said, coming to my side. "I began my training yesterday. My first job was to give you something to make you sleep , but it was dark and you probably don't remember me."

"I don't," I smiled. "But I see you are very pretty - do you have a calling for nursing?"

"Well, Sir, I have no alternative. I had to get away from home, since my mother married again and my stepfather...." she paused then continued, " But now I'm here, Sir, yes I do believe I have a calling, yes I do."

As she prattled on about her noble ideals, I noticed how her blonde hair peeked out of her nurse's cap to harmonise with her lily-white cheeks. Her clear blue eyes sparkled innocently and her pert little nose moved in time with her rosy lips.

"And what is your name?" I asked, simply to stop her silly prattle.

"Patsy, Sir."

"Very well, Patsy. I see that speaking of your home life distresses you, and I am sorry about that, but I am sure you are an excellent nurse."

That had a strange effect on her, for she suddenly burst into tears. "Oh no, Sir," she sobbed, "oh I'm not, I'm not!" She looked at me strangely. "Are you alright this morning, Sir?"

"As a matter of fact, no," I replied, "I feel rather strange."

"Oh dear, oh dear, it's my fault! The medicine I gave you last night was the wrong sort!"

There was a long pause.

"I see," I said at last, "Well it can't have been too bad or sister would have dismissed you!"

"Oh Sir," she said," she will if she finds out. Please don't tell her, Sir!"

"You didn't tell anyone?"

"No Sir."

"That was your biggest mistake! I might have been severely ill. I might have died!"

"Oh Sir!"

Her innocent distress and the nearness of her were rousing my cock, giving me thoughts of having this gorgeous young creature in my power.

"Then you must be punished for your carelessness, Patsy. You do seem to be a very careless girl."

"Yes Sir."

"A nurse cannot afford to be careless."

"No Sir." she said meekly.

"Shall we send for Sister?"

"Oh no, Sir, couldn't you do it...couldn't you spank me or something, better that than being discharged and my whole future destroyed."

Another pause ensued, whilst my John Thomas rose stiffly to the occasion.

"Lock the door then," I said, "if you really want me to punish you. Come and kneel on the bed beside me and I shall see what can be done."

"Oh thank you Sir!"

"Lean over me."

She knelt on the bed by my side and bent submissively forward at my command. A hand to her back quickly collapsed her so that she lay across my lap. She was surprisingly warm and desirable, and she was trembling and taking quick little breaths. Fortunately the bed clothes hid my risen state as I slowly peeled back her long dress to discover she had no knickers on!

I felt a lot better, recovered enough to enjoy beating her though not, regrettably, to fucking her, not this morning anyhow.

I gently eased her chubby thighs apart and caressed her trembling flesh higher and higher...

She suddenly realised what was happening. "Sir, what you are doing is indecent," she cried, and started to wriggle, "I am only seventeen."

"Well I would not dream of taking advantage of you," I said, though leaving my hand where it was. "I should send for Sister then."

"No! No! " She began to cry. "I can't go home. I would be disgraced and my step-father would be furious. He would beat me worse than ever, Sir!"

...I ran my fingers round and round her splendid white buttocks. They would redden nicely. "Get up and fetch one of my slippers," I said," and then come back here, over me like this."

She came back reluctantly but obediently with the slipper and wriggled back over my lap.

"Pull your dress up," I ordered. "Continue to lie on your stomach and hold it up at the back with both hands."

"Oh Sir, this is so wrong -"

"Be quiet, you stupid girl!" I snapped. "I will punish you my way or not at all! Well?"

"Yes Sir," she snivelled," Whatever you wish, Sir."

"You think your step-father is worse than me?" I asked, my cock nearly bursting at the thought.

"Oh yes, Sir! Real nasty he is, Sir"

She pulled up her dress as I had ordered, and I gazed upon her naked bottom with relish. Then I ran the slipper over it. Her soft, plump flesh recoiled in dread, but when she started to cry and sob, my eagerness became all the greater. I was overwhelmed with an urge to punish this wench severely. My practised hand descended viciously upon the shrinking flesh.


Patsy began to yelp with every stroke of the slipper and after a few minutes her yelps turned into moans, then into screams so loud I had to stuff a handkerchief into her mouth. At last I was satisfied and she fell off the bed onto the floor.

"That will do for now," I said. "But you will come to me for further punishment every day until I am discharged. I hope I shall be more fully recovered before that!"

She ran off as fast as her feet would carry her, and I reached for my bottle of rum, then hungrily drank from it before slumping back on my pillow to reflect on a good beginning to my stay in England.
 I suspect this gentleman will have a long convalescence.
From Hermione's Heart


Roz said...

Oh poor Patsy, and more to come! I too suspect the gentleman's hospital stay may be a lengthy one, but an enjoyable one. Thanks for another great story Hermoine. Hope you are having a great week :)


Lindy Thomas said...

Very interesting with the patient punishing poor Patsy. Better than Sister finding out though. Wonder what will happen next.
Hugs Lindy

sixofthebest said...

Hermione, congratulations on electing a new prime minister of Canada. May he bring to your wonderful country, the desires of it's people. He also has a most beautiful and spankable wife. I hope she received a warm glow on that bare bottom of hers, as a present for his winning.

Cat said...

Ooh...I do agree that sir is going to have a very long convalescence and Patsy is going to have a very sore bottom. Thanks for sharing Hermione.

Hugs and blessings...Cat

ronnie said...

She was lucky with the gentlemen. Better than Sister finding out. Thanks Hermione.


Hermione said...

Roz - Patsy may come to enjoy it in time.

Lindy - I wish there was more to this story.

Six - Well, I hope the new PM turns out to be the best choice.

Cat - He might even suffer a relapse ;)

Ronnie - She was very lucky. At least she can keep her job.


Willow Rosenberg said...

That was fun! :)

Baxter said...

very enjoyable. thanks