Monday, October 19, 2015

Recap: Spanko Brunch 2.0 for October 18

This week we pondered whether knowing a political candidate enjoyed spanking would alter your support. You had this to say.

sub hub: Yes, it would. I'd have even more resolve to vote for them if it was someone I was supporting.

Dr. Ken: It wouldn't affect my vote one way or the other. I know that being a spanko has nothing to do with your ability make decisions or hold office or some position of responsibility. Their stand on issues would still be the major deciding factor for me, not whether they enjoy giving and/or getting a good spanking.

The USA is still so puritanical and provincial, though, that the Bible-thumpers and make-believe moralists here would probably make such a stink about it that the candidate would have to withdraw.

abby: It would not be the deciding factor in who I vote for, all things being equal with those opposing him or her. I would choose the spanko. Spanko also leaves a lot of room for interpretation.

Nina: Hi Hermione, I think it would have a positive influence on me, but if they were against my beliefs I would still vote for someone else. I'd love to vote for someone who can be open about that, because I'd expect a sort of tolerance when it comes to consensual adult activities. Wishing you a great weekend.

arched one: Dr. Ken said it best. But here in the USA there is a bunch of strange "Ducks" and the press would push that like they are some kind of idiot. To me it would not make a difference.

Jan: Hi Hermione, over here in England, nothing would surprise me about our politicians. I think some of them are in to some very odd things and stuff is always popping up in the news. Spanking wouldn't put me off, but some of the stuff I read about....

Simon: It wouldn't necessarily bother me nor would most sexual adventures provided it only involved consenting adults.It would affect my vote if there was any hypocrisy i.e. if they were campaigning on a family values ticket and the spanking wasn't with their wife or husband. It might also depend on how they reacted to the news getting out.

Bogey: Just amazed that some think the US is puritanical and provincial. Those guys in the Middle East with swords sure have a different take on it.

Leigh: Frankly, they all need to be spanked. Might even make me think more positively about them.

Baxter: It is clear to me that no one on either side, GOP or Dems, is spanked. I can see it might do some of them good as there are clowns on both sides. There are a couple on the Dem side that are serious about the issues and that is good.

Bonnie: I'm not sure it would change my vote, but more consensual adult spanking is a good thing.

Wilma: Okay thanks for putting the image of Stephen Harper getting spanked in my head. SHIVER

I was afraid that might happen!

Tim: I wouldn't base my vote on it, but I would feel more sympathetic towaard the person.

Minelle: I would be okay with it, but the media would most likely slam them.

Katie: Hi Hermione, :) If they were a sound candidate, a good person, with good morals and strong leadership skills, then it would not matter to me one bit. They would get my vote. Though I think that Minelle is right about the media... All depends though.

Hermione: That would depend on the candidate. Justin Trudeau is cute as a button and probably has a very spankable ass. But I wouldn't vote for him even if he offered to put me over his knee in exchange for a vote. If I found out my preferred candidate - local or federal - was a spanko, that would increase my enthusiasm. I suspect, however, that being outed as a spanko would force the candidate concerned to drop out of the race.

Thank you everyone for the lively debate. Now it's off to the polling station for us.
From Hermione's Heart

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