Saturday, October 31, 2015

You Completed the Caption

Sir Wendel: Rrrrrrr. It be a spanking for not properly swabbing the deck.

Nina: Feeding fish won't stop me from spanking you.

Leigh: Revving up his courage for what's to come.

Michael M: If you can't get the spinnaker out quickly this is what you get.

Rollin: "So I'm going to kiss the gunner's daughter? Where is she? All I see are fish."
"Stay put until I finish my coffee, then I'll show you."

Six of the best: "Ahoy mates lift her TOP SAIL and SPANKER" said the captain of his ship "KNICKERS DOWN'.

Ronnie: You can stay there until I'm ready to spank you.

Minelle: After refreshing myself I will spank you for your and my pleasure!

Baxter: Well dear, in the old days when you made a mistake, they would just make you walk the plank. But since it is just you and I here, I will spank you instead.

Vfrat25000: Captain Jack Sparrow teases his damsel in distress. After suggesting his lady love needed to be spanked she attempted to abandon ship only to be captured before she could leap over the stern. Not to waste a fine can of ale our hero Jack held tightly to his damsel while he finished his grog after which he would take her to his cabin for a proper bottom warming,

I think the photo is a lady in distress is suffering from the age old condition related to the “motion of the ocean.” Her significant other in the fine tradition of gentleman worldwide without thought to his own personal danger bravely holds her ponytail out of the way. This is not to say that the situation would or should result in the loss of a brand new can of beer. So while his lady love is blowing chunks into the sea, our hero calmly finishes his brewski.

Sweetie would you please hurry up and finish, our dinner of smothered pork chops, corn casserole and broccoli awaits in the galley. Do you want me to bring up the Jalapeño Appetizers so you can get that taste out of your mouth?

I don’t remember eating that!

Honey I think we need to buy this boat?

Hermione: Pretending to be seasick won't let you off the hook. I'm spanking you as soon as I finish my beer.

From Hermione's Heart

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