Monday, October 26, 2015

Recap: Spanko Brunch 2.0 for October 25

Our topic this weekend was warm-up spankings. You had this to say.

Downunder Don: There are two types of spanking; for pleasure and for pain. The pleasure ones are by far the great majority of spankings and have a long build up followed by a gradual warm up and great sex afterwards. The very rare punishment spankings have no warm up but are always followed by many cuddles afterwards.

abby: Punishment spankings, which are rare, have no warm-up, no banter, just loud scolding and louder whacks from the paddle. There are long hugs after, but no permissions or fun playing. Every other spanking starts with a hand warm-up. It gets my head into the right space, and starts getting my 'other parts' into the right place also. When my bottom is red and warmed we move on to whatever else will be used. After the spanking, there are cuddles and permissions, and lots of other fun things.

Roz: Spankings usually start with less intensity which gradually increases. Also, the intensity shifts during (to keep me guessing lol). It does help get me in the right head space.

Lindy: Sometimes Bear doesn't start with a warm up, just into really hard spanks. All depends on how he feels. Other times he gives a brief warm up before the main spanking with an implement.

S: Fun spankings always begin with a warm up, a long sexy spanking leaving my bottom glowing and ready for sterner things.

Bad girl spankings are different; never a warm up, so my poor bottom really feels the bite as the first one lands. Once D made me sit in a bowl of icy water, before I bent over. He then applied a martinette to my cold wet bottom, which soon had me yelling!

Six of the best: That depended on whether it was punishment spanking or a love making spanking. Warm-ups were given with the hand for love taps upon her naked rear end. The cane was used when she received them as corporal punishment.

Anon: Never! On the rare occasion that I do get it, it's punishment and there is no game playing. It's flat out pure pain that will not soon be forgotten.

Ronnie: With a fun spanking there's always a warm up and a nice long session. Other spanking no warm up just a very sore bottom at the end of it.

Bonnie: Randy claims that he doesn't believe in warm-ups, but the truth is that he often starts with a moderate pace and intensity before ramping it up. I know he is aware that I can last longer if he doesn't whack away from the start. Sometimes this matters and other times, well, he wants me to understand that it's his decision.

We both enjoy corporal punishment role play. In most of these cases, the nature of the scene dictates no warm-up. It's fun and exciting, but befitting a serious punishment spanking, it really hurts a lot.

Nina: Hi Hermione, fun spankings have a sort of warm-up, hubby starts that slowly and the intensity increases gradually. However there is no warm-up with punishment spankings. :( Maintenance is somewhere in between, as they are not as bad as punishments but no real fun either.

Hermione: Alas, no warm-ups here. Ron gets right down to business immediately. In hindsight, though, His whacks get harder as the spankings progress,  so I suppose in his mind he's letting me off easy at the start.

That was fun! Come back next week for another lively discussion.
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