Tuesday, October 13, 2015

From the Top Shelf - Tim's Turn

Last week we enjoyed an excerpt from Rollin Hand's short story, "After Church", from his ebook collection of spanking stories, Ladies in Charge. As you may recall, Debby received a sound paddling from her mother after being taken home by the police after attending a drinking party. You might want to refresh your memory by reading it here.

Tim is waiting anxiously in the parlor, listening to the sounds of Debby's spanking. But the sounds have stopped, and that means its his turn.

He hears footsteps and he looks up. He can see Aunt Joan’s high heels appear as she descends the stairs. She is coming to fetch him.

She addresses him from the bottom of the stairs. “Go to your room and take your suit off. Hang it up neatly. Do not put on any other clothes. Wait for me there.”

“Yes, ma’am,” He says. There is no use arguing. Aunt Joan has been nice to him during his visit, but there has never been any doubt that she rules the household. There is a reason why the younger children are polite and well behaved and Tim suspects the family paddle is part of that reason.

Tim does as he is told and goes down to the guest room they have fixed up, which is just off the basement recreation room. He is shaking all over. How bad will this be? It sounded terrible when Debby was getting it. And the shame of it, too. He would have to bare his bottom to his aunt, a woman he hardly knew, and go across her knee like a little kid. He is a high school senior. This isn’t right.

Tim undresses as instructed. He sits on the bed waiting, clad in his underpants, a tee shirt and socks. Soon he hears the tread of Aunt Joan’s steps on the basement stairs. He sees her through the doorway as she approaches, paddle in hand. Aunt Joan has changed clothes. She has put away the Sunday dress and is wearing white shorts and a halter top. Her long lean legs are on display.

Aunt Joan pulls an armless chair away from the wall and sits down.

“Come here, Timothy,” she says. “You’re going over my knee.”

Tim quails. That paddle looks serious. It looks solid and Tim has no doubt that it will sting like anything. “Please, Aunt Joan. We didn’t mean any harm. We were just there. We didn’t drink anything.”

Aunt Joan is undeterred. “You are going over my knee right now, Timothy. Your parents approved this and you are going to get just what Debby got. Let’s go, young man.” She slaps her legs.

Tim moves forward and stands at her side. He gasps as she lowers his briefs to his knees. To his chagrin his erection pops out and wags up and down. Aunt Joan sees it and frowns. “Well, I never,” she huffs indignantly. “Get over my knee this instant!”

Reluctantly, Tim lowers himself across Aunt Joan’s lap. His cock slides along her thighs as she adjusts him so that his butt is sticking up high.

Tim feels a few pats with the wood then -- Splat! The paddle strikes, making an earsplitting crack.

“Yeow!” It hurts like crazy. Four more times in rapid succession the paddle cracks down, sending Tim into a frenzy of squirming. The hot sting is incredible. He has never felt anything to compare with this.

Aunt Joan tightens her grip. She taps Tim’s bottom a time or two, and launches into what will be a long and intense spanking. Her delivery of paddle smacks is deliberate -- a steady smack-crack- whap. One spank per second. She covers every square inch of Tim’s flesh from the junction of his bottom with his thighs to the crowns of his sit spot. For Tim it’s agony. His fanny is on fire. Tim can scarcely breathe, the pain is so shockingly intense.

The crack of the paddle resounds in the basement recreation room. Tim wails and flops over Aunt Joan’s lap while she concentrates on the task at hand, keeping her rhythm, spreading the spanks around. Such a cute boy bottom, she thinks to herself. It’s round and firm, almost like a girl’s. Not like her husband’s whom she sometimes takes to task. She can feel that hard penis sliding around on her thighs and reminds herself that it may be time she had another session with Mr. Buxton.

Tim finds himself pleading. “Ok, ok, Aunt Joan. Stop! It hurts! Ow! Ow! Ok!” His legs are scissoring. In response Aunt Joan clamps her right leg across the back of Tim’s thighs pinning him, shoving his face to the floor. Having secured the boy, she launches a new barrage of spanks soundly applied to the crowns of his beet red buttocks.

Smack! Splat! Smack! The paddle’s impact overcomes Tim. His sniveling turns to outright sobbing.

From their vantage point in the flower bed by the casement window, Billy and Shelly see it all. What luck that mom didn’t take their cousin upstairs. They watch in awe as their mother gives Tim a classic fanny tanning -- one that turns his bottom fire engine red and has him bawling like a baby.

Tim can’t believe anything could hurt this much. The tales of other kids’ spanking didn’t do it justice. Not at all. This is the most awful experience of his life. It is a relentlessly increasing hot sting that blazes hotter and hotter.

Smack! Splat! Crack! Tim breaks down and bawls. He is trying to plead, but it all comes out as incoherent blubbering. That seems to satisfy Aunt Joan, finally. She stops, stands Tim on his feet and tells him that he’d better not do anything like that as long he is staying with them.

* * *

Tim and Debby have to spend the day in their rooms. They are allowed out for Sunday supper where pillows are thoughtfully placed on the chairs. Tim’s bottom is still throbbing and he tells Debby. Debby says her seat still feels twice its size. Later on, both of them will experience an intense arousal and the pair will contrive to be alone where they can inspect each other’s damage. When that happens, hands will caress, and sweaty bodies will entwine. There will be French kissing and maybe the unimaginable.
Oh dear! I hope Aunt Joan doesn't catch them. But she will probably be too busy disciplining Mr. Buxton to notice.
From Hermione's Heart


Roz said...

Yeouch! that was some padding for both of them! Hmm, have they learned their lesson though? Better hope Aunt Joan doesn't catch them! Thanks Rollin and Hermoine for a wonderful story.


Cat said...

Now THAT was a barn burner! I do believe Billy and Shelly had better hope their mom doesn't find out they were watching. Oh and I wouldn't want to be Tim or Debby if she finds them fooling around!

Thanks Hermione for sharing. Thanks Rollin for a fun story and allowing Hermione to share it.

Hugs and blessings...Cat

Lindy Thomas said...

Wow that was some paddling for them both. Ouch! boy they are living dangerously though if they get caught fooling around. Thanks Hermione and Rollin for a great story.
Hugs Lindy

Hermione said...

Roz - I suspect that was only the beginning of lessons to be learned by the pair.

Cat - I'm pretty sure Billy and Sally are in for it, but won't spoil the ending. You'll have to read the book to find out what's in store for them.

Lindy - Rollin sure has a way of pressing all the right buttons.


Katie said...

OUCH!!! I had trouble reading that one and Debby's spanking! Those sounded pretty severe! I sure do hope that those two kids don't proceed to rendez-vous further. Gosh! Are they nuts????!!! It hurt just to read about those two spankings. LOL!

Thanks for sharing Hermione and Rollin! :) Many hugs,

<3 Katie