Monday, October 12, 2015

Recap: Spanko Brunch 2.0 for October 11

Our topic this week was how the seasons affected our spanking practices. You had this to say:

Bonnie: I don't think the frequency or severity of our spankings vary much with the change of seasons, but other attributes do. For example, for very practical reasons, we wear a lot more clothing in cold weather months. We also have a few favorite scenarios that are often seasonal. These include bad cheerleader (fall), naughty schoolgirl (fall), Halloween (fall), workout chick (winter), bikini girl (summer), and so forth. It's fun and injects a little spice into our spanking adventures.

Six of the best: For me, whenever a situation presents itself, I enjoy taking a ladies knickers down and spanking her bare bottom. No matter what season of the year, be it spring, summer, autumn, or winter. Down come her panties, knickers, or bloomer, and whacko do, wacko do on her naked rear end is fine with me.

Nina: Hi Hermione, I think it is like Bonnie describes it; in addition, -not a real season though- once every month chances are higher that I need a spanking to give me my inner balance back. Wishing you a great weekend.

Fred: As I spend most the Summer in the nudist club I can't really go around with by bottom showing marks, so Summer the spankings are limited to the milder implements, hands and paddles. Come the Winter when I can put my pants back on I can break out the more severe implements, canes and crops. I kinda like having these restrictions placed on me, and I look forward to the change in season and the change in spanking.

Katie: I'm not sure that the seasons mean a whole lot of difference in the realm of spanking around these parts. I do agree with Bonnie that it is more of a project for Rob to "find" the bottom of yours truly in the cooler months. The thing that comes to mind for me is that in the colder months, when sent up to undress and WAIT for Rob, it is... kinda cold during the wait. Usually he kindly allows me to jump under the covers until he comes upstairs. LOL! Great topic to think about!

Wilma: Our house is full of kids during the summer months, and people are constantly stopping by. So we have very little privacy. Barney has an erratic schedule so fortunately for us we don't have to rely on just nights and weekend, because in the colder months, we can't seem to shove people out the door!

I have noticed that during the cooler months the 'assault' isn't limited to where my shorts might cover. I suppose that is a difference?

Roz: During the colder months most spanking is usually later at night, once the house is nice and warm lol. Summer time tends to be a bit more spontaneous for some reason...and I panick about anyone hearing with everyone being outside more and having open doors and windows.

arched one: Although we do live North, seasons don't make much difference in when and where a spanking will take place. Unless I'm doing something that requires I go in and out of the house often when in the house I just wear my panties and that gives her easy access to my spankable bottom. As a side note she has spanked me outside in the winter when walking in the woods. I'm happy to say the boots stay on and the pants only come down and the spanking is quick although firm.

Anon: 'Orrible Doggerell

Hurray, hurray,the first of May,
Outdoor spanks begin today.
But do not wait until the Autumn
To spank her hard on her bare bottom.
The summer sun warms her white moon,
But spanks will make it red quite soon.
In winter time her clothes get thicker,
And you will need to lower her knicker.
But paddling hard on well stretched jeans
She'll really know what spanking means !

Bogey: During Spring and Fall, the temperature is just right for a trip to the woodshed. Bacall has already been marched out there twice.

Sir Wendel: Doesn’t make much difference.

Hermione: The spankings themselves don't change, but we can be a little less concerned about noise in the fall, winter and early spring when the windows stay closed. We don't need to check for neighbours out in the yards on either side of us. Sometimes a spanking hurts more on a cold bottom.

Thank you all, and for my Canadian readers, a special wish today:

From Hermione's Heart


sixofthebest said...

Hermione, Happy Thanksgiving to you and all your Canadian friends. May your day be as joyful as the good and tasty food display you show on your blogs. It is truly scrumptious.

willie said...

Hope your weather was as beautiful this weekend as our's was! Happy Thanksgiving!!