Thursday, May 19, 2016

Complete the Caption

Let's use this photo to continue yesterday's discussion of Outlander and the spanking - or lack thereof - in Season 2. Wht do you really, really hope Claire and Jamie are discussing?

Complete the caption by leaving a comment, and I will publish your script amendments on Saturday. I will also have a special treat for you in that post.
From Hermione's Heart


Anonymous said...

I can't wait to get that dress off of her and give her bottom a good hand spanking.

Simon said...

If you're a true Scotsman I won't even need to take your underpants down when I use the tawse.

ronnie said...

Claire was wishing Jamie would hurry up and spank her instead of staring at her.


sixofthebest said...

"For such naughty behavior my dear, I am going to take down your riding breeches, plus your knickers, and cane that bare bottom of yours most painfully when we get back to our mansion". said the Lord of the manor, to his ladyship.

Anonymous said...

Claire: So, Jamie, I’ve been thinking about the beating you gave me and how you said you enjoyed it.
Jamie: That I did. Watching you wiggle your beautiful ass as I turned it crimson with my belt. Yes, I did enjoy it. Even though it cost me, I did enjoy it. I hated punishing you, but I did enjoy blistering your backside. And if you hadn’t been so angry when it was over, I would have shown you how much I enjoyed by taking you from behind right then and there.
Claire: Well, now that I've had time to reflect on it, I realize a part of me enjoyed it too. Not the being beaten part, but the warm feeling it left me with when it was over. And if I hadn’t been so angry, I would have let you to take me because beneath my rage, I wanted to take you, too.
Jamie: So, what are you saying Claire?
Claire: I’m saying I wouldn’t mind if you spanked me from time to time. I’m saying I want you to put me across your lap, and I want you to strip me naked, and I want to feel your strong hand on my bare my bottom because when you spank me, it warms a lot more then just my bum. Don’t get me wrong, I won’t ever let you beat me again, but I do very much want you to spank me. Besides, I know the men, and the women, too, think you should, and often, and I want them to think well of you … and me.
Jamie: How would that work?
Claire: Well, we could make a game out of it. For instance, I could act up a bit in front of everyone, you know, just enough for everyone to see I’ve got you riled up. Then, later, when we’re alone, you could spank me so everyone would know you’d taken me in hand and were doing your husbandly duty.
Jamie: The spankings would have to be convincing.
Claire: Yes, yes they would. And I want them to be. I want them to be real enough that both of us get exactly what we want and need from them. I’d expect you to blister my bottom, maybe even use a hairbrush on me, and for it to sting like crazy, and for it to make me scream loud enough for everyone to hear. And I expect I’ll struggle and squirm and wiggle and kick the whole time, and that when we’re through, my bottom will be on fire and we’ll both be exhausted but so hot to have each we won’t be able to contain ourselves. And then, I expect I’ll be screaming for a different reason. And won’t that set people’s tongues wagging?
Jamie: I think you’re right. And I think I’m of a mind to take you inside and give you a good spanking right now for putting such naughty thoughts in my head and getting me all worked up.
Claire (with a smile and a wink): Oh, Jamie, you wouldn’t dare!
Jamie (throwing Claire over his shoulder and giving her upturned bottom a sharp smack): We’ll just see about that, won’t we?

WendelJones said...

Jamie to Claire:
I’m going to whip you bottom good when we get home.

Dr. Ken said...

Claire: Are you as bored as I am?

Jamie: Aye. Would you like another spanking to liven things up a bit?

Claire: that you mention it........

Vfrat25000 said...

Horatio, I want to dress up as a cheerleader and have you spank me for breaking curfew at one of out of town games.
Ok Penelope, just for clarification what is an “out of town game” and for that matter what is a “Cheerleader?”

Priscilla, I do believe your dress fringe has caught fire from the campfire
Gerard don’t you think you should put it out?
I do believe that would be prudent, do I have your permission?
Yes Gerard, you have my permission.
First I must find a bucket!
Yes, Girard a bucket would be advantageous, Holy Sheep Dip…I have to find sharper boyfriends

Could we play the Shy Farm Girl and the Rouge Knight again? I love that role-play!
Yes...Yes...Just this time I get to be the Shy Farm Girl!

The Woman
Matthew, why are we sitting in this horse pen dressed like it’s the ancient past when there are airliners flying over head and a John Deer Tractor running in the field beside us?
The Man
I have no idea Gwendolyn?

The Woman
Carleton, did we just pass through a time vortex. Is it really the 1980’s?
The Man
Yes Petunia, I believe we did!
Let’s get the heck out of her and find a stockbroker. Remember the names “Microsoft and Apple”

Don’t you DARE give me that look! You agreed to ask for directions!
Nag, nag, nag. We wouldn’t be in this mess if your sister didn’t live out in no man’s land! Besides, see all this beautiful scenery we have experienced since we took that back road. What stinks?