Monday, May 2, 2016

Recap: Spanko Brunch 2.0 for May 1

We discussed quiet spankings, and here are your suggestions.

Roz: On the occasions a spanking has had to be quiet it has usually been shorter to hopefully lessen the chances of being heard and less intense. Rick would often change his technique too.

Downunder Don: We have not quite worked out the art of quiet spanking...any advice will be gratefully received.

Hobbes: When the children were still home and in those years in an apartment we found two things were very quiet and very effective, a switch and a rubber hose. The switch could be cut fresh from a willow tree along the creek by married student housing and then later on an auto mechanic left a length of brake hose [about eighteen inches] in the car after he finished working on it. Either is very quiet but gives an intense sting and leaves light marks so they do have to be used with some care and practice. And if the recipient is a "howler" a clean wash cloth between the teeth works well. The rubber hose is soft and supple, not hard and large, so it will not do serious tissue damage but definitely can be used full strength swing to good effect. It is pretty much that black hose you remember from your high school chem class Bunsen burner. Amazingly quiet and very effective and cheap. Just go to an auto supply place and get 18". If you do use a switch be careful as it can sometimes nick the skin and split it slightly. Please use both with loving care.

Sir Wendel: Once I spanked the misses when her family was over to visit. We were on the second floor with the door closed. She refrained from complaining during. The misses does not believe they heard the smacks although to this day I swear that her sister knew.

arched one: The quietest implement we have is the whip. We didn't care for the whips being sold so R told me to make her one. I used boot laces (leather) and made a handle to attach them to. There is no impact noise at all and does its job quite well.

Gracie: Mr M uses severe but quiet implements - like the cane or hairbrush. Quieter and less actual spanking needed before I've learned my lesson ;-).

Anon 1: In general the smartier the spank, the louder the noise, but flat things like slippers, hands or paddles tend to make more noise than the thin ones. A very thin cane or switch applied fast and for some time to a slack bottom, its owner lying prone, generates a healthy smart, and very little noise. However her burning bottom may elicit some yells, so some sort of gentle gag may be needed.

Wilma: If Barney spanks 'in the moment' he has to use a quiet implement. I haven't ever been much of a noise maker (unless whatever he is using wraps around and hits the side of my thigh). I am more of a hisser, and snorter (think angry truth be told.

He has several quiet implements, various canes, a devil's braid, flogger (which is very ineffective so he doesn't use it), silicone icing spreader (Damn you, Betty Crocker) the list goes on. He usually sticks with the lexan cane for all infractions, regardless of if people are home or not. The difference lies in the length of time and the position of the punishment. I am far more exposed and restrained if the kids are not home.

Amy: Lately, I've been spanked in the walk-in closet in our bedroom because the clothes hanging all around seem to dampen the sound when there are other people in the house. Eric has even used a big leather strap in there and as far as we could tell, nobody was the wiser.

Anon 2: We'll hide it... keep it quiet, somehow, while traveling or visiting. At home, that's another story, it doesn't matter who is around it's not going to be a quiet affair. That was one of her first rules in agreeing to an FLR relationship. When in the house, much to my dismay, there is no hiding the fact that she is the HOH. I've been hauled up/downstairs many a time in front of friends and family for a good blistering with her razor strap/strop over the years.

Ronnie: If we need to be quiet the spanking will be shorter and P will use a cane. Either our OTK one or a thin garden cane.

Blondie: He uses a quiet implement, like a cane to spank. And I do everything I can to not scream. The spankings are usually shorter in time but harder in the spank.

Yorkie: We used to live on a property in 2 separate buildings, so if everyone was in the main house we could occasionally indulge, but now we are all in one house (extended family live with myself, my wife and our 4 kids) there is no chance unless we go away and check into a hotel. Haven't had an opportunity where there is only my wife and I are the only ones home. Yet...

Hermione: We are lucky to have a house all to ourselves, so there's no reason to be quiet. In summer we will close the windows in case the neighbours are outside, but that's about it. Our carpet beater and loopy Johnny are the quietest implements, but thankfully we don't need to use them often.

Thank you for all the suggestions on how to keep the noise to a minimum!
From Hermione's Heart

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