Monday, May 23, 2016

Recap: Spanko Brunch 2.0 for May 22

What is your experience with self-spanking?

Baxter: I have and I probably first did it when I was 10 or 11. My parents did not spank me, but somehow I gained an interest in it and would grab a bread board from the kitchen and spank my bare bottom. I have done it since mostly when a bachelor. However a year ago when between jobs and my wife was away at her job, I would spank myself, just to keep my mind focused on job hunting and it worked. I do every once in a while find a board or something like that in my workshop and try it out.

arched one: I have a home made whip my wife uses on me and at times she will tell me to use it on myself while she watches. Usually I'm standing. I've tried using other items the belt and strop but can't get a good enough swing. But my wife still enjoys watching.

Lilli: Nope, can't say that I have. I've never really thought about it.

Dr. Ken: No. Since I'm a Spanker, it wouldn't interest me in the slightest. And any woman out there who's tired of self-spanking and would be interested in the real thing should call me now at 555-GET-SPANK. Once again, that number is 555......

Bogey: I think it's like masturbation, any spankee who says they have not tried it is fibbing.
I get a kick of watching my wife playfully do it. Sometimes, after a lick, she will exclaim "That hurt", but continue on.

Burl Apsack: I discovered my interest late in life and self spanking was all I experienced for several years. I finally worked up the courage to see a professional seven years ago and haven't needed to self spank since then.

Anon 1: There used to be a machine called the Robospanker. This could be set to give a set number of spanks, at a set force, with a choice of implements on it's arm, and would vary it's arc so that every part of the spankee's bottom got its fair share. She just had to set the controls, bend over in the right place, and a spanking she got, when she pressed the start button. Where it failed was the lack of compulsion and submission, so important in a good spanking, as she could just press the stop button, if her bottom got too sore.

Anon 2: We experimented for quite sometime to come up with a perfect self-spanking paddle,and finally (pun intended) hit on one that is quite effective. When I've earned discipline and she's not in the mood I get locked in the spare bedroom and am not allowed out until I've paddled my rear raw with that god awful implement we mutually created. And trust me, once I've punished myself to the point that she is satisfied that I've learned my lesson, sitting, even on a pile of pillows, is out of the question for several days. I fair far better off getting it from her than having to do it myself.

Anon 3: Hadn't seriously thought about it before. Decided to give it a try. My Neoprene paddle worked best. I'll be doing it frequently, at least until I can find a new playmate. I'm sure she will get better, faster results.

Ronnie: Yes have tried self-spanking with a hairbrush and ruler. Not very successful. Occasionally I do it now to tease P.

Hermione: I've never been very successful at it. I did try a few times when I was a teenager, but it was too painful! It might be something I would consider if I didn't have a willing spanker in my home.

Yorkie: I used to do it everyone was out of the house but now I don't need to as my dear wife indulges me. Although if I'm feeling quite itchy and no one's around...

As always, thank you for joining in the discussion, and have a great week!
From Hermione's Heart

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