Monday, May 16, 2016

Recap: Spanko Brunch 2.0 for May 15

We had a lively discussion about the importance of tears during a spanking.

Dan: I have personally never experienced it, but I would like to at least once. It seems like it would be very cathartic.

abby: It took me a very long time to let my tears flow during a spanking. Tears speak more to me about being open, vulnerable...totally letting Him in than the amount of pain.

Roz: For me there were seldom tears and they weren't important to us. However, I used to want to cry for the emotional release. I agree with Abby also, it's also about being open and vulnerable.

Blondie: For me, spankings are not important and happen once in a blue moon. But I am not a crier. So my bottom would turn to hamburger and I still wouldn't cry. Ty would be crying to see my bottom like that. Lol Most of my spanking are for play. There are different levels of pain. The ones that are for punishment, they don't make me cry. I go into the spanking feeling terrible about myself for needing the spanking. It's not a good feeling to know how bad I have messed up. The spanking hurts so bad but no tears. Just a relief that all things have been forgiven and the loving afterwards.

Downunder Don: Mumski has never cried during a spanking because ours are for play, never punishment. It is far more likely that she will cry if she does not get a spanking!

Anon 1: Considering my spankings are purely erotic only I don't cry. Despite this they are still quite hard and intense but the only response from me is sheer sexual excitement and a feeling of intimacy with my wife like no other.

Sir Wendel: Our spankings are for enjoyment. No tears.

Jan: Mostly our spankings are for fun, so tear free. I have cried a couple of times, when I knew it was a really deserved spanking. I actually think it would be a good release, but I don't see it happening here very often.

Ronnie: I know some cry before and others in the quiet after the spanking has happened. I would like to be made to cry during a spanking. I've cried, yes, but not from a spanking, only from words attached to a spanking and they have been hurtful. I can cry for England at sad films or books and sometimes music can have an effect on me but a spanking per se just does not happen. You can't contrive that sort of thing anyway, it happens or it doesn't.

Wilma: I relate most of all to abby's comment. My backside, to take the term from Blondie, has been turned to hamburger and not a tear. It is more the words he says that determine whether or not tears appear. I can be in the middle of a severe spanking and basically not feel a thing, he then says something that brings me back to him and I feel every strike and the tears will flow.Mostly however, tears if they do appear, happen at the end once it is all over. The spanking brings down my walls, or takes me out of my "self-righteousness" depending on the situation, and I am able to let go.

A.J.: Tears come from emotions, not spanking pain. I have no interest in it. I'm in it for the play and eroticism.
(Male who has been on both sides of the lap.)

Lilli: Spanked to tears ... can't say that I've experienced that. Crying at some point before, during or after a spanking is pretty rare about here, but when it has happened it hasn't been because of the pain of the spanking, but because of the emotions surrounding it ... the walls that I've put up coming down, something Nash has said, the realization that I had let him or myself down, etc.

Six of the best: If tears are shed by the naughty female, during or after receiving corporal punishment in a knickers down bare bottom spanking, it shows that the spanking has been effective.

Anon 2: We started out with punishment spankings when we began, but there ended up being resentment as well as tears. Now only for our pleasure. Tears, are rare even after I apply the most intense spanking.

KB: Tears haven't happened yet. I kinda hope they do one day. But it is not the kind of thing that you set out to do; I think they just have to happen in the moment. I made a bucket list two years ago of things I wanted to do/receive as far as spankings went. That is the only thing that has not been checked off yet. Maybe one day.

Dr. Ken: Tears aren't important to me at all. As many others have noted, I spank for "funishment" and for play. If a lady is wriggling, squirming, slightly kicking or otherwise reacting from a spanking I'm giving her, I consider that to be good enough. Tears are not something I try for. Out of my many years of spanking play, I can think of one lady I spanked who, after it was over, said, "Wow--almost real tears!" There is one lady I play with who does cry, but she is actively seeking that emotional release. In her case, I'm happy to get her to that point. Other than that, though, tears are not a part of my spanking play.

Hermione: To answer this question I asked myself under what circumstances I might cry. Tears come to my eyes when I watch a parade. I will cry while watching a movie if an animal gets killed (remember Old Yeller?) I wept during the opening of the London Olympic games when the anthems were sung. I have been known to cry in frustration over something that has or has not happened. But I have not cried from pain since I was a small child, and it was very much discouraged by the adults in the family. So it is highly unlikely that a spanking would ever make me cry. Our spankings are always erotic and for fun, not punishment. I think the concept of spanking until tears come is a dangerous idea and could lead to serious harm.

From Hermione's Heart

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