Monday, May 30, 2016

Recap: Spanko Brunch 2.0 for May 29

This week's discussion was about holiday spankings.

Dragon's Rose: Memorial Day is a day to remember the soldiers that gave their lives for our country. When people say "Happy Memorial Day" I tend to get a little rude. All the celebrations bug me. Dragon takes me right in hand and gets rid of all that frustration.

Sir Wendel: Birthdays have included a spanking for as long as I have known the misses. There is spanking under the mistletoe at Christmas time. Halloween almost always includes spankings. Elvis spanked his nurse one year and Strawberry Shortcake whipped Red Beard the Pirate with a belt another.

Roz: Apart from the occasional birthday spanking we have never really used spankings to celebrate special days.

abby: Yes, we usually have some spanking fun to celebrate some holidays. There is a heart shaped crop and paddle for Valentine's day...leather for me...wood for Master. Birthdays are usually the new age with instruments of my choice for my birthday...His for His birthday. New Year's eve always ends with some spanking fun. Master believes any excuse is a good excuse.

Yorkie: We play when we can as we live with with family. However, we don't need excuses for spankings... ;)

Jan: hi Hermione, it's any excuse in this house...

Six of the best: Yes, Hermione, on certain special days, I have celebrated giving a mature lady a knickers down spanking on her bare bottom. Such as New Years Day, July 4th, and Birthdays. And they sure brightened that special day most enjoyably.

Bogey: Sure, any reason to change things up. We designate the whole month as birthday month. We do the 12 Days of Christmas, but we do it in the days leading up to Christmas. A lot of festive red lingerie is used.

Katie: Hi Hermione, :) Around our place, it's kind of like what Jan said above! In general, there are certainly spankings of all kinds,  and if one (or two) happen to fall on a holiday, then we might call it that! LOL! I had birthday spankings last month, but it has not been a regular occurrence- as far as I can recall...

arched one: Not usually for most holidays but birthdays are always spanking days and it doesn't end when the age is reached. it just ends that spanking. Most birthdays in this house are three spankings through out the day. So if you are say 50 years old you would end up with 150 spanks. Now that is not too bad however Mrs. is not spanked on her birthday I AM. That is not a complaint I love accepting spanking on her birthday.

Ronnie: Not all holidays. Christmas and New Years Eve we do. Fun spanking on my birthday. P gives me a spanking on his birthday as well and of course Valentine's Day.

Hermione: We don't do it intentionally, but any time a holiday falls on our regular spanking day, I say the spanking is to celebrate that day.

Any day is a good day for a spanking, whether it's a holiday on the calendar or not!
From Hermione's Heart

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