Wednesday, May 4, 2016

Gotta cut it short

Yesterday Ron had a phone call from an old friend whom he hadn't seen for a while. He had promised me a spanking in the afternoon and it was almost time, but I figured I'd be off the hook since he would want to catch up on all the news with his pal. So Ron took the call in his study and I amused myself with a game on the iPad.

I kept one eye on the clock, watching the minutes slowly progress toward the appointed time. He'd probably be on the phone for at least another half hour, I told myself. I became absorbed in my game and was startled to hear Ron's footsteps on the stairs. One glance at the clock told me that he had not forgotten his promise to me.

"I cut it short," I heard Ron explain. "I said I had to give you a spanking."

Wait, what? I turned around and looked at him. His expression was serious but a twitch at the corner of his mouth gave him away.

"Yeah, right," I laughed, and put the iPad down. Then off we went, right on schedule.
From Hermione's Heart


Anonymous said...

For myself I love knowing a spanking is coming and I have to wait until the time set for the spanking arrives. I have butterflies I find myself clenching and the anticipation is wonderful. and when the time arrives one almost dances to the location for the spanking. Question please what were you feeling while waiting?

Roz said...

This made me smile Hermoine. Love that Ron cut the call short in order to keep his promise :)


abby said...

That man of yours has his priorities straight!
hugs abby

ronnie said...

Agree with Abby, Ron has his priorities right and you got your spanking.


Lindy Thomas said...

What a great husband cutting his phone call short. Wonder if he really did tell his friend he had to go spank you. LOL!
Hugs Lindy

Hermione said...

arched one - I felt a shiver of anticipation, but also a little tremor of fear, cuz I knew it was going to hurt.

Roz - So did I.

abby - he does indeed.

Ronnie - Ron always keeps his promises.

Lindy - I really don't think he did. He would be mortified if anyone found out.


an English Rose said...

Hi Hermione, how sweet of Ron to keep his promise, who needs to cah twhen they could be spanking anyway!
love Jan, xx

Unknown said...

Delightful! A perfect husband that promises and then delivers on his promise. If it was a friend that he jokes with, what a delightful opportunity to say he has a list of chores to get done, work in the garden, spank his wife, purchase some wine, and then say I only added that to see if my list compared with yours... at least in wishful thinking...
Cindy would be too shy to say something similar, but I would not mind!
bottoms up

Erica said...

Ron sounds a lot like John sometimes. :-)

Aimless Rambling said...

How great he kept his appointment. Congrats to him.

Anonymous said...

Ha! He surprised you. Very nicely done Ron! ;)

Baxter said...

He probably is like the US Post office, how does it go now, neither snow or dark of night will keep them from their appointed rounds. Well I probably butchered it, but you get the idea. Ron has some similarities to the USPS.


Cat said...

I do admire a man that keeps his word. Really would have been funny if he'd actually told his friend he had to cut the call short in order to keep his spanking appointment with you. ;)

Hugs and blessings...Cat

Anonymous said...

Need to know your priorities and keep to your schedule!

Hermione said...

Jan - He knew he had something important to do.

Red - It would have been fun for him to slip that in and see if his friend noticed!

Erica - Great minds...!

Leigh - I'll pass that along to him.

Lilli - that man is full of surprises.

Baxter - Isn't that the Pony Express?

Cat - It would have been funny, but I don't think Ron would ever actually say that.

Anon - Ron is a man of routine and schedules.


Terpsichore said...

A man who keeps his promises :-) this story made me smile :-) Hugs

Blondie said...

It's a great thing that you are the most important person to him.

Lea said...

Haha, love that! Probably a half second of panic or disbelief before reality kicked in!