Saturday, May 28, 2016

You Completed the Caption

It's not all fun and games on the beach, as your captions will prove.

Six of the best: The lifeguard says. "Be she young, or be she old. If she doe's not do what she is told. I'll take down her knickers and spank her".

Leigh: He looks quite able to administer a darn good tanning.

js666: Lifeguard? No, I can't even swim. I'm just here to administer a sound spanking to any brazen hussy who shows her ankle. According to my instructions, I am to turn them over my knee and pull their skirts up. Guess this is my chance to find out if it's true that females really do have bottoms -- at least the shameless ones, anyway.

Ronnie: Look at me I'm a lifeguard but Donald had no idea what a lifeguard does.

Kingspan: Many women came to his beach that summer hoping to get tanned.

Hermione: Rupert was having a very trying day. He had just administered the fifth spanking of the day. No one seemed to be observing the "Ankles must be covered at all times" rule. (Sorry, js666, I seem to have stolen your idea, but I didn't peek at your caption before I wrote mine - honest!)

For more refreshing banter, please stay for brunch, served on the patio in a few hours.
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WendelJones said...

Guard: I wish I had a time machine to transport to the beaches of 2016. I hear the butts are barely covered and all aching for a spanking.