Thursday, October 26, 2017

Complete the Caption

In the land of palm trees and sunshine, it's always a good day for a friendly football/soccer game. What can the losing team expect to receive?

Complete the caption by leaving a comment, and I will publish your scores on Saturday.
From Hermione's Heart


Dave said...

"The losing team shall prepare,and share, a picnic with me." That should provide everyone with enough motivation to go for the win!

Anonymous said...

As a coach, I’d say “Loser gets a spanking; winner gets to watch”. or is it the other way around? I’m open minded about motivating the team. It might take awhile to turn that expanse of creamy flesh to an appropriate crimson, but I’m not one to shirk my responsibilities.

- Rosco

Anonymous said...

Where did you say the ball goes.

Anonymous said...

Girl with foot on ball: "Let's play for stakes! How about if I lose you can give me a good spanking?"

Waiting girl: "OK. But what do you want if you win?"

Girl with foot on ball: "Why a re-match of course!"

Anonymous said...

The normally bratty Sarah hadn’t been spanked in a week and wanted to show the crowd as much of her unmarked bottom as she could.

- Paul

ronnie said...

Get past me with the ball and you can choose the implement for your spanking.


Anonymous said...

If the winner spanks the loser , but the loser enjoys it , don't they become the winner and the cycle repeats? (I just gave myself a headache.)

WendelJones said...

Can’t think of anything. I just want to spank her.

Anonymous said...

The loser has to (gets to?) strip and take 1 lap around the field for each point by which they lost. The winning team gets to point and laugh.

(That is not what you were expecting for a spanking blog, was it?)

OK! Fine! Or that can choose a spanking instead!

See, I get it - I am just a little slow.