Monday, October 16, 2017

Recap: Spanko Brunch 2.0 for October 15

You described your perfect spanking like this:

Amy: Lovely question. For me, the perfect spanking starts with Eric figuring out I've done something and calling me on it from afar. (For example, not following through on something I've told him I was going to do.) He'll ask me about it, I'll admit to it, and then my body will come alive as he builds the anticipation of the consequences that will befall my "pretty ass" when he gets home. He'll use delicious threats and I'll build up the offense if I'm wanting to take more. When it's time, we'll both be wound up and he'll order me to our room. We will "talk", while he undresses me, and he will insist that I speak up and call him sir. Over his knee I will go for a good sound hand-spanking and from there, it will build into implements galore. I'll be forced into the corner, while he watches from our bed, and questions if I've learned my lesson. If not, he'll give me more. If so, he'll kiss me passionately and we will make our way to bed. Ahhhh. So nice.

Roz: I love this question. Lots of teasing, buildup and threats to a nice erotic spanking. Naked OTK for some nice hand spanking then OTB with implements with pauses for some teasing then onto other activities. Rick would be in control all the way, some light hair pulling, placing me as he wants me etc.

Jack: Your questions are always interesting. This one even more so.

A perfect spanking, for me, would be me spanking a female, consensually. The setting would be private, preferably OUR bedroom, a time, a place and emotions conducive to romance. My partner would be an empowered woman, intelligent, independent and self confident, a leader with formal, and expert power, a sense of humor, and a desire to be with me. Several different positions would be of interest, but I find the over the lap position – sitting on the bad so she can have he head on the bed or a pillow to be the most intimate. Bending over or lying on the bed or with her on all fours on the bed bring a greater feeling of submissiveness, so I like those positions, too. Implements would include something wooden, something leather and, of course, my hand. Emotions would have to be low drama, submissive, and then contrition would have to be present, at least towards the end. The aftercare would be as extensive, mostly petting and supporting and forgiving vocalization, but would likely include corner time - if it was helpful for either of us to get to the contrition. All of this though, would be dependent on ensuring that it worked for her, too. And the spanking would be over when I heard the three magic words, sir, sorry and condom (as “Is it on yet?” or “Can I help you put that on?”).

Thank you for your question, and for giving me a chance to reflect on this one. Love your blog. Please keep up the good work, Hermione.

Sir Wendel: The misses would be spanked in the kitchen. I would sit on a dinner chair. She would pull her pants down to her knees then go across my lap. I would pull her panties down and the spank her for several minutes. No talking just spanking. Afterwards I would send her to the bedroom. I would comfort her.

Hermione: In the morning, Ron would warn me that a spanking was in the cards for me later that day. He would drop hints about it all day, but keep me unsure as to when it would happen. When he finally commands me to go upstairs and get ready, I would go up to the bedroom and remove everything from the waist down. Ron would then sit on the bed and order me across his lap. He would deliver a good, long hand spanking.

Then I would be told to get the leather rose paddle and bend over the bed. I would get a good dose of the paddle, followed by the bath brush. By this time I would be very sore, and ready for cuddles. We would lie on the bed together, Ron would rub my sore bottom and cuddle me fo a while. Then we would proceed to more intimate activities.

Does anyone else have a perfect spanking—real or imaginary—to share?
From Hermione's Heart

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