Friday, October 13, 2017

Friday FAIL

Today's FAIL isn't humorous, I'm afraid. It's a real tragedy that is still unfolding as I write this. Wildfires are raging out of control in the wine-growing region of California, and are spreading northward to the Oregon border.

One of our favourite online radio stations is 102.7 The Wolf, broadcasting from Sonoma County. I told you about it some time ago in this post.

Sonoma County is one of the areas that has been practically wiped out by the fire. Homes, businesses and vineyards have been transformed into ash. Sue Hall and Darren McCormick, whose voices I hear every day, have become friends to us. I smile every time I hear the advertisement for Sam's For Play Cafe. which for a long time I thought was Sam's Foreplay Cafe. Feel good stories about native residents and their good deeds are a regular feature, ending with the line, "We believe in Sonoma County". Ron and I are very concerned about all the inhabitants of their community, even though we live thousands of miles away.  The Wolf is offline, although apparently still on the air. So for now we will wait, watch and pray.

Now, how about my readers? Are any of you near the fires, or are you concerned about friends or family who might be in danger, or who have been evacuated?
From Hermione's Heart


Roz said...

Hi Hermione, the situation is just so awful. Thoughts and prayers to all affected by the wildfires.


ronnie said...

Just heard about this on our BBC news. So terrible and tragic. My thoughts are with all who have been effected. Thank you for this post Hermione.


Aimless Rambling said...

It's so terrible - all that devastation. I lived in areas that were affected by fire and it is scary as hell watching how it explodes in a minute and gobbles up whole sections of terrain. Having to evacuate your home with nothing and coming back to nothing-how terrible. My heart goes out to those affected.

Anonymous said...

I live in Southern California, not Northern, so I am not personally affected. But it's devastating, knowing this is happening in my state, to such a beautiful area and ruining so many lives. Every freaking year we go through this -- the California wildfires. It's part and parcel with living here. But it never gets easier to deal with the mass destruction.

We don't have hurricanes, at least. But the fires are just as damaging. And the worst part is, sometimes they are man-made, the result of careless people, or even arsonists. :-(

Blondie said...

I live close enough that the smoke is in our air, making it hard to breathe for some people. We are far enough away that the actual fires won't get to us. Unfortunately, there has been about a dozen people we know who have lost their homes. The fires are terrible and scarey. Prayers for those affected and for all the first responders.

Anonymous said...

Yes this is a tough year for weather, hurricanes in the South (Texas and Florida) and in Puerto Rico and Fires in California. There is a fire burning in Southern California as I write this (severely damaging for the communities it is devastating- but not on the same scale as the infernos in Northern California). For many years California had a drought. Then this year that ended with a very wet winter. Unfortunately, the wet weather provided more vegetation, which has now become extra fuel for the wildfires. No body is unaffected by this mess. We just do not know - yet - how we will all be affected.

Prayers to all.


Cat said...

I have several friends that have been impacted and my oldest son has several friends he is worried about has he has been unable to reach them. Luckily, my son, DIL and grands are not in the path of the fires. Sending prayers and healing energy for all impacted. My heart breaks for them.

Hugs and blessings...Cat