Sunday, October 22, 2017

Spanko Brunch 2.0 #199

Welcome to our weekly brunch get-together; I'm so glad you could make it! Here in the northern hemisphere the weather is becoming cooler, and the cold and flu season is nearly upon us, so please enjoy some hot soup as we discuss today's topic.

Have you ever told a doctor, nurse, therapist or other medical practitioner about your enjoyment of spanking? Do you take any precautions before a medical appointment to avoid or hide bruises or marks?

Leave your response in the comments section below, and once everyone has had a chance to speak I will publish a summary of our discussion.

From Hermione's Heart


Dr. Ken said...

I've never had any reason to tell anyone, inside the medical field or out. And as a Spanker, I don't have any marks, bruises, etc. to try and explain away.
There may be a couple of ladies (non-spankos) who have an idea of my enjoyment of spanking, but one I haven't seen in years, and the other probably doesn't know the full extent of my interest...

Anonymous said...

I am a spanker, and my so/gf sees a massage therapist monthly due to leg issues she has had since an accident years ago. During the visit which is with a female staff member, she would be wearing just panties below the waist, so she never visits me (we live 2 hours apart) the day before seeing him, as she always ends up leaving with some marks, bruises, and/or handprints. No one other than me in her life presently is aware she gets spanked. We also would never see each other ahead of her doctor's visits. Her only oops outing herself moment occurred first time we met, when 15 minutes after leaving, and 45 minutes after otk ended, she stopped for gas, and while pumping, started rubbing her behind, before realizing she could be seen. In general though, both of us are quite careful.

Eric51Amy49 said...

Interesting question! We've had a couple of close calls where I had a bruise or two and ended up at a doctors appointment or on a massage table. I held my breath but neither professional said anything so I didn't bother explaining. I did get punished once for bringing a thong bathing suit to the beach instead of my usual shorts. Eric made me lie out by the water, bruises fully visible to all of the onlookers.

Roz said...

I have never told any medical professional about our lifestyle. There have been a few occasions where we have refrained from spanking due to an upcoming appointment to ensure there are no marks.


Anonymous said...

Never been in that predicament. Fortunately. :)


Anonymous said...

I never brought the subject up.....despite my 'out there' inclinations. I did however, have one procedure done, not long after a pretty good spanking that I was completely unfamiliar with. It was called a urodynamics test and it's one of the most invasive things you could imagine. I thought I was just going for a consultation so when the specialist led me to room for the test to be done right in his office, I was surprised.

For much of the test you are on a table with stirrups much like a woman at a gynecological exam, and I know the residual discolorations from my kinky adventure were clearly on display. The specialist was all business, but......(and I'm not making this up) his female assistant smiled at me a couple of times in a way that made me wonder if she was just being friendly to a patient during an embarrassing procedure or if she recognized the marks for what they were.

In all honesty though, marks or not, I have never worried too much about doctor's visits in that way. I usually have more pressing concerns to think about. Besides, I'm paying them, and I severely doubt I am the strangest specimen they've seen.

Anonymous said...

No way, this male would not be able to explain, my wife spankings leave no doubt it was a spanking.

Baxter said...

Before I have my annual physical, I make sure my wife doesn't spank me for a couple of weeks prior. Surely when the doctor shoves his finger in my butt to check my prostate, he is looking at my butt. Just don't want some embarrassing bruising or marks there to raise suspicions or questions. And no, I have never told anyone, only my wife knows.


Anonymous said...

Shot answer - No. It has never come up. And I would not offer to tell him/her or think it important for my health to mention it. But, I'm like most of your responders, A few days before my visit I watch what I do, eat, and drink so he gets a clear picture.

That said, this topic kinda' came up with an email back and forth I had with a married woman who spanks her husband a year or two past. The topic was spanking children (I'm totally against it) while she was somewhat OK with it, and abuse - what happens if you are in an accident or, in this scenario, a normal check up and you have marks, redness, bruises, etc. What happens when the doctor or his/her nurse assistant sees that?! Spousal abuse? Call the police?

I (a male) am sure without a doubt that doctors and nurses have "seen it all!", but caught, 'ya gotta' admit it - with a smile. You look at them and say, "She's kinky, but she's really cute, too!", or, looking at the nurse, "She said I was bad (Wink/smile!!)" and watch her laugh. Laughter being key to diffusing the whole situation. (Not to mention I'd love to hear her comment back on hearing that!)

But what happens when it is her tush on display? Then it's a whole other story, one that might involve a call to the police. "She" with the red or bruised tush in a time when medical is attuned to abuse is GOING TO BE ASKED! Better have your answer ready, and it better be funny and convincing.

Worse, what happens if she comes ino the emergency room unconscious and they cut away her clothing and see a freshly spanked tush? If she is there because of an accident, there may already be a police officer nearby, and medical WILL tell the police. And there will be a report, and possibly an immediate home visit. Now what?

Much like your mother telling you to always have clean underwear, "in case you get into an accident" - don't get into an accident after getting spanked!!


ronnie said...

The question has never come up and I certainly wouldn't volunteer the information. If I have a particular appointment/test coming up we refrain from spanking for a few days or so to ensure no markings.


Blondie said...

I told my counselor that I was involved in BDSM. She was fascinated by what I told her about it. But I have always kept my marks hidden from medical professionals.

willie said...

As a rule Barney stops a couple of weeks before any known doctor's appointments. A few years ago I really hurt my back/hip- to the point I couldn't stand up or walk. I avoided going to the doctor for several days because I was so afraid of my bruising. Eventually I had to go to urgent care. I wore tight leggings so fortunately the doctor didn't ask me to disrobe. A friend told me if they ask to be truthful- not entirely sure what I would do in that situation.

Anonymous said...

It was hard enough to tell my girlfriends that I wanted to be spanked. When one who became my wife understood, and spanks soundly, I sure do not want anyone else to know. I never knew my bottom could get so red and last for so long. I do not know what the reaction would be, and the fact I have a female doctor is another factor.