Monday, October 9, 2017

Recap: Spanko Brunch 2.0 for October 8

Happy Thanksgiving to all my Canadian readers! We enjoyed a lovely roast turkey dinner yesterday and are looking forward to leftovers all week. Our topic this week was spanking bets, and here's what you said.

Fred: The short answer is yes. Way back in 2005 I had a bet with my friend Alison based on the result of the UK election. I lost!

I did write about this on my blog. The blog has long since gone. But I have a backup of every post, so for your amusement I have put the original posts up on my Tumblr.

Wilma: I'm afraid I don't have an amusing story for you to go along with your question. My answer is just plain no. BUT I did want to wish you a Happy ( and unseasonably warm- yay!) Thanksgiving! Too bad our leaves (at least here anyway) haven't really begun to change. I feel sorry for the tourists who have come for them. Anyway, enjoy!

KDPierre: The short answer is yes, but the sheer number and variety of these bets would require a lot of reminiscing and much more space than a blog post comment area. (But you DID give me a great idea for some future blog posts on "Collected Submissions".) It seems to me that if a person has a willing partner who likes to spank and you can slant the stakes so that the spank penalty only applies to the sub partner with other non-spank-type consequences for the dominant can turn almost ANYTHING into frequent 'spank bets'! LOL

Roz: Happy Thanksgiving to you and Ron Hermione! I'm afraid I don't have an amusing story to share either.

Fondles: Oh yes! We bet on soccer! I don't know why, cos I'm not a soccer fan or anything, altho I do support BIKSS and so we root for his team. It was a while ago I think, but it went something like we add a multiplier (the goal difference) to a pre-determined number of spanks. Either way, I get my spanks!

Joe: Yes, dating a wonderful woman, sharing sexual desires, spankings she said was not something she would do. Her desires I met and no matter how many times I mentioned spankings, nothing. I told her if she would finally give in, the bet was I would take her out to the best restaurant in town. I broke the major rule in her home, I walked into the kitchen naked, erect, her look was priceless. You win she said with a smile and over her lap I went. She did not tell me she had spanked a previous boyfriend and my bottom was soon stinging, very warm and when I said enough, she laughed and when she finished I dance around the room, rubbing. Dinner tonight she said, I said if I can sit, she said a bet is a bet. I squirmed at dinner, use the excuse we went skating and I fell on the ice, she just smiled.

Sir Wendel: It’s not really a bet but the loser of a board game gets a spanking.

Ronnie: Not a bet with P but PK, New Beginnings. UK was playing USA in the 2010 World cup and I said that USA would easily be beaten by the UK. PK suggested a bet, the loser gets 5 swats from their husbands for each goal and the winner between us gets to pick the implement. Who won, it was a 1-1 draw, so we decided that both of us should get the 5 swats with the dogging bat.

Hermione: When Ron and I are discussing facts that we disagree on, He often says, "Wanna bet?" My usual reply is that if he's right, he gets to spank me, but if I'm correct, I get a spanking. Either way, I win!

From Hermione's Heart

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Blondie said...

Happy Thanksgiving! My spanking bets are like yours, either way I get spanked.