Monday, October 2, 2017

Recap: Spanko Brunch 2.0 for October 1

Who would be shocked by your confession of being a spanko?

Roz: I think most of my family would be the most shocked, and a couple of friends. No, I don't think the reaction would be very enjoyable.

Amy: Eric and I would never tell someone how to raise his/her children but we have a cousin who is constantly telling everyone how to live their lives. He is a big proponent of corporal punishment for children and we just see it differently. One night he went round and round with us, "There are times when a spanking is required, it's necessary, it just has to be done." We disagreed, as far as children go. Imagine our cousin's shock if we told him we totally agreed with him, as far as our relationship goes. I would enjoy that one. I'm tired of that guy telling us we "just don't understand" about a million topics he spouts on about. We are not dumb. We understand. We just don't always agree!

Jan: Hi Hermione, my very prim and miserable sister-in-law would be the most shocked! She is the one who needs a spanking though. My brother deserves so much more and he is too nice to leave her. I would hate her reaction to finding out about us, she would be nasty.

Bogey: I can not imagine trying to shock someone by telling them. I have told a few people, they accepted it.
I do wonder why we hold spanking so close while being rather open about sexual acts.

Katie: Hi Hermione,:) I can only think of one friend, who would probably think that our spanky business is fun, etc. Everyone else - it wouldn't be good. Maybe I am not giving people enough credit, but I am not about to find out any time soon... or ever. I keep my counter on my blog page, just in case someone I know does end up there. I figure that at least they would see that people actually read my blog every once in while. LOL! Creative, isn't it? HA!

Jackie: My best friend's mother, visiting her on Spring Break, her daughter and I are roommates. She is that motherly figure that I so enjoy. My friend knows of this, she reminds me a spanking from her mother is not what you want.

Wilma: We have several friends who know I am submissive to Barney. This came about through organic conversations. Two of those I am sure pretty much 'know' what goes on as one friend has seen a mystery mark on my thigh and quickly changed the conversation surrounding it with other friends - plus he has made it no secret to us that he likes to spank his wife in foreplay; the other friend is anything but vanilla so I'm sure she's figured it out too. A family member also knows as she too is submissive to her husband without the discipline part. We do have one friend who out and out knows everything - and it is nice to have a friend I can be honest with - even if he mocks me when he sees me walking stiffly. LOL.

BUT that was not your question. None of these people 'found' out, I told them. To be discovered - I wouldn't like that. My family would be fine with the submissive part as my brothers are very alpha and boss me around anyway - just not the physical. Do I think they would understand if it were merely sexual? Yes. As for our close friends? I don't think most of them would bat an eye. We are a close knit group and not very vanilla. Live and let live is their mentality. I would just be embarrassed for a minute or two. Again not the sexual aspect but the punishment part.

Ronnie: There is one friend who I would totally not wish her finding out as she is so prim and proper, never married, she would be shocked and not understand how much I tried to explain.

Hermione: I would love to be able to tell a couple of mean teachers I had in grades 5 and 6. It would really shock them and I would enjoy seeing their discomfort. I know if I had told my grandmother, she would have been upset, and I wouldn't have wanted that.

Thank you all for sharing your  thoughts on this subject.  Have a great week!
From Hermione's Heart

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Anonymous said...

Interesting question. I'd have to say probably ALL of the people I know would be shocked. But especially my children. Although I have my suspicions that one of them would be quite relieved...