Saturday, October 7, 2017

You Completed the Caption

What's happening in the drawing room?

Sir Wendel: Lady Lucinda threw another tantrum in hopes of getting spanked but alas Lord Whilminton was too tire to do so.

Dave: What a party that was! We really raised the roof - Whoop, Whoop!

Exuberant lady: "See, guys? Girls can 'manspread' too!"
Man on left: "Oh these are terrible times indeed."

Hands63: I can barely handle two women, but three! Someday they’ll invent a little blue pill.

Man on right: Lady, that is the pose but you are supposed to be lying over my lap, not sitting up.
Lady: Well, that might be more comfortable, but what would I be doing over your lap, pray tell?
Man on right: You would be getting a spanking on you plump bottom, of course.
Lady: Well good, I have been wanting one for quite a while.
Man on right: And when I get done spanking you, the other guy gets to spank you as well.
Lady: Wow, spanked by two men. my lucky day

Ronnie: Captain, oh my, what was that, Fredrick you're listening, can you hear what's going on in Sir Henry's study.

Katie: "Oh my stars and garters!! I had a feeling that there would be trouble ahead when those two polished off the third bottle of champagne. It's a damn good thing that Phillip is out like a light, or he'd be lighting up Abigail's bottom. Though I have a feeling that she may find herself up-ended tomorrow anyway. A sorry end to our fun party!"

Anon: As their servant called for the next contestant to take on Lady Penelope in a spanking contest she celebrated her victory over a worn out and dejected Lord Charles, once again having demonstrated that her bottom could withstand more than any man was capable of delivering.

Dr. Ken: Man on the left: "Well--judging by your reaction, madam, and by the way you, sir, are sitting, I think I can safely say that you enjoyed that spanking erotica story that I just read to you!"

Hermione: Well, Sir Francis, have you made up your mind yet? Which of our laps will you go over for a sound thrashing? Mine or His Lordship's?

I'm flabbergasted! What an exquisite assortment of captions! You all must stay for brunch--I insist. It's no trouble at all. Polly, fetch two dozen more chairs and be quick about it.
From Hermione's Heart

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