Tuesday, December 13, 2011

If You've Been Naughty

I found a book of coupons at the drugstore, intended to be used to make up for naughty behaviour before Santa has made up his mind in favour of a lump of coal (or a switch) for your stocking. While most of them were distinctly vanilla in flavour, some of them lent themselves very nicely to a spanko interpretation. Here are a few of them.

I think I'll use the last one tonight.

From Hermione's Heart


joeyred51 said...

Very cute and funny. The last one is perfect.

Anonymous said...

I think I am on the perpetual naughty list with no hope of ever getting off. The only good thing about that is I have plenty of coal and switches to burn in the fire place and with the cost of electric heat I am at least saving some money.
The Very Bad Boy - VBB

Sara said...

Such fun stuff! :) Sara

sunnygirl said...

You always find the neatest things.

Our Bottoms Burn said...

You waste far too time shopping. But we glad that you do.

abby said...

These are great...and I agree, the last one is the best! abby

ronnie said...

Fun find Hermione and I have to agree with Joey and Abby, last one the best.

Thanks for sharing.


Hermione said...

Joey - It brings to mind all sorts of possibilities.

VBB - That's looking on the bright side of things!

Sara - Great to find it in the vanilla gift section.

Sunny - I'm constantly on the lookout.

Bogey - Time spent shopping is never wasted:-)

Abby - We'll have to see what results it produces.

Ronnie - Maybe I should see if it's good for more than one use.


Blondie said...

That find is awesome. But you are right, the last one is the best. I would just make copies of it and use it when needed or as wanted or something like that. lol

Elysia said...

These are so funny Hermoine! AND.. you've given me a great idea to customize some to give to Henry!

Anonymous said...

I couldn't agree more! The last one fits me the best. By the way......... I just got my second spanking. ...... it really dose sting.


Grace said...

Those are great, especially that last one! :)

Daisychain said...

Just brilliant! xxx

Lea said...

Those are great, could see them coming in handy indeed.

Hermione said...

Blondie - a dozen copies, coming right up!

Elysia - I hope he likes them.

Jackie - Congratulations on your second spanking. Yes, they do smart a bit.

Grace - Thank you.

Daisy - Glad you like them.

Lea - Very handy.