Monday, May 31, 2010

Aftercare or Afterburn?

It was bedtime, and as usual I opened the drawer of my bedside table and reached for the hand cream. Beside the small jar I had been using, I noticed an tube of lotion that I had purchased some time ago, then forgotten about. I picked it up and read the label. It wasn't hand "cream" but hand "gelee". I hadn't used this particular product before, but had picked it up on the clearance table at the local supermarket - I can't resist a bargain!

I thought I'd give it a try that evening. I squeezed a liberal amount onto one palm and rubbed my hand together. It was kind of gooey and sticky, and I'd used way too much. What to do with the excess?

Earlier that day Ron had used the black leather strap very energetically on my bottom, and I still felt the effects. Maybe some gelee would put out the fire. Reaching behind me I gently rubbed my bare cheeks, transferring the sticky stuff to my bum. It immediately felt very cool and tingly. The fire was out.

I slipped under the covers and curled up next to Ron. Suddenly the coolness turned to heat, and that darned jelly began to sting and burn. What was in that stuff anyway? I couldn't be bothered getting up to wash it off, so I simply endured the pain and counted it as a bonus to my earlier spanking.

Maybe they should add a warning to all tubes of that jelly. Not for use on a freshly-spanked bottom.

From Hermione's Heart


Daisychain said...

Hahaha, oh, DEAR, Hermione! I can just imagine you lying there wriggling...LOL xxxxxx

Elysia said...

My complete sympathy! Oh, oo, ouch! I have been meaning to ask if anyone in the community can recommend what to use for aftercare, as I am sometimes in need of some.
I suppose my first list will be "What to avoid!" Thanks for a funny post, (funny now that it's hind sight!).
So did you trash it?

Anonymous said...

Hermione, far from the warning you suggest on the gel container what about.....can also be used by husbands on the hot, red, freshly-spanked bottoms of naughty wives to prolong the stinging effects.....

I'm so pleased that the effects on your bum were so 'not what you were expecting'!!!


ronnie said...

Oh dear Hermione, LOL. It's a good job you didn't wake Ron.

Now what did you say the name of that cream was:)


Anonymous said...

Wouldn't it be great to live in a world where they did put those sorts of warnings of things?

Don't forget to mark the cream NSFB.


Princess said...

The afterburn is my favorite part of a spanking! I think I may need to get some of that! LOL!

Sara said...

Ouch...I have to be very careful what I use after a spanking. Usually baby products are good, but nothing with perfumes!

Cookie Crawford said...

LOL. I never tried anything like that but do know about afterburn somewhat. i really dislike capsacin for that reason but didnt know that hand cream could have the same problem. I just read on another blog something about oatmeal and baking soda being used as a paste on a spanked bottm. It is supposed to produce an afterburn such as what you described. Maybe those where in the ingredients or something.

Unknown said...

Glad to read that Ron is fulfilling his gentlemanly duties by keeping your bottom well spanked. Exactly what you wished for...and an added bonus for buying cheap lotions..

Hermione said...

Daisy - Hmmmm, and I expected a little sympathy from you :-)

Elysia - No, I'm too thrifty to do that. But it's only for use on my hands from now on.

Aristotle - A recommendation instead of a warning - well, okay.

Ronnie - Kaloderma. Made in Germany, I believe.

Poppy - NSFB - Not so fast, buster? I'm not familiar with that one.

Princess - Mine too, when it isn't a surprise.

Sara - That's a wise precaution.

Cookie - The ingredients included aloe vera (it couldn't have been what caused the sting) key lime extract (possibly the culprit) and allantoin (???).


Anonymous said...

Not Safe For Bums!

Anonymous said...
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Anonymous said...

Oh! Does "Bum" mean something else in Canada*? Maybe it should be "Not safe for bottoms" or "not safe for butts!" But that last one was too American for me and I must off and make a G & T forthwith in order that I may recover.

*I wrote America on my last comment. What a buffoon I am. Heh ho- if that is the worst mistake I make for a while it will be an improvement on my normal silliness.

Hermione said...

Poppy - Bum is perfectly fine! (It also means vagrant or hobo, but that's not what I think of first.)

I agree, butts isn't my first choice either. That makes me think of cigarettes!