Tuesday, May 18, 2010

Unique Belts

Aren't these lovely belts? Look closely. These are belts with a difference. They are made, not from leather, but from used bicycle tires. Wouldn't they pack a wallop!

Thanks to my favourite radio station, CBC Radio 1, I heard about a small cottage industry that makes home furnishings like speakers, lamps and wall decorations out of discarded items. They had recently won an award for making speakers out of a tractor tire, if I recall correctly.

Bon Eco's website is really interesting; do check it out. Here's another of my favourite photos from that site: a wall hanging made from tractor tires.

It would set the tone in any spanko's home.

From Hermione's Heart


ronnie said...

I love belts,no, not what your thinking, I like to wear them with jeans :) Never seen any made with bicycles tyres before.

Thanks for that link Hermione will take a look later.


Hermione said...

Ronnie - I love belts too, because wearing one makes my mind wander.....

Thanks for dropping by.