Monday, May 17, 2010

From the Top Shelf - Artistic Licence

This week's fiction selection is from Annie and the Society by Evelyn Culber, published in 1994. It's a Victorian romp in the hay, jam-packed with sex, spanking, and more sex.

I've added a twist by changing the real names of the three characters so that each of them could be either male or female.

Chris is the narrator of the story and speaks in the first person.
Pat is an artist in a committed relationship with Chris.
Alex is Pat's cousin, and has come for a short visit.

As you read, let your imagination fill in the details according to your preference.

We find the three conversing after breakfast the morning after Alex's arrival. Pat has proposed finishing a painting begun the day before.

"Is dearest Chris posing for you, Pat?"

"Yes, for this one."

"Nude, I trust."


"Excellent. And I shall position myself where I have a clear and close view of that naked bottom. It is far too long since I feasted my eyes on the richness of its curves and the whiteness of its skin. Tell me, do you spank Chris?"

At this point they disappeared through the door into the garden and I was so dumbfounded by Alex's forwardness that I was too slow to follow them and so missed Pat's response. Had Pat been as truthful as I would have expected, the reply would have been in the negative, because in the nine months we had been together those hands had done no more then caress my buttocks. I had not been perfect but had certainly not erred to the extent that I needed chastisement. Alex's question suddenly aroused those yearnings which had lain dormant since...I had learned that Mother Nature had bestowed on me a bottom which not only seemed to please most who saw it bare but also one which found pleasure in being spanked and beaten... I hurried after them and all three of us went together into the Studio...

I was stripped naked in less than a minute. The two cousins were sitting side by side on the small chaise longue on which I had several times posed. I moved slowly until I was standing in front of them, nervous to start until I saw the expressions on their faces...As one, they licked their lips as their gaze travelled down my naked body...

I placed my hands on the top of my head and closed my eyes.

"Oh, my are more beautiful than ever... Can I see your bottom?"

I had anticipated that and was turning around as the request was made. Only the sound of our breathing broke the silence. The skin of my buttocks crawled as I sensed the four eyes fixed on the pale contours and the tight, deep cleft. I jumped as I felt the soft touch of a hand on my flesh and then relaxed as the happy familiarity of the caress sent the blood coursing through my veins...

I vaguely heard the bustling behind me as Pat set up the easel and loaded the palette with the paints best suited to capture the fleshly tones laid out so willingly...

After Chris has posed for Pat and the painting is finished, Alex
suggests that Pat should sketch Chris being spanked.

Alex fetched a simple wooden chair, placed it carefully before Pat, sat down and beckoned me. I hesitated. Not from fear but to prolongue the pleasures; to savour the hollowness of my belly, the pounding of my heart and, sharpest of all, the strange awareness of my bottom, which felt for the first time in over nine months that peculiar heaviness to which I had become so accustomed when I was being regularly spanked.

Alex took my hand and guided me into position...then slowly ran a hand over the protruding mounds of my bottom... I sensed those eyes boring into my exposed flesh. I felt all the crawling nervousness that makes corporal punishment applied to the naked bottom so very effective.

Without conscious thought I proffered myself even more blatantly, raising my hips by bringing my knees upward a little and by arching my back downwards. I heard a little murmur of appreciation from above and behind as my buttocks grew rounder and more widely spread...

At last an arm spread itself across my naked loins and a hand gripped my right hip. We were both ready. The first spank lashed with full vigour into the fleshiest part of my left buttock. I felt the wobble spread through my bottom, the sting made me gasp, and the sound rang in my ears.

I could envisage the pink imprint of a hand on the whiteness of my skin, waxing rapidly especially where the fingertips had stung the most. The second blow visited the other cheek and I began to lose myself in the amalgamation of sensations. The spanks rained down at regular intervals and steadily set my whole bottom ablaze as I fought to stay still and present a properly accessible target to my beloved friend. The pain and the consequent pleasure revived all the ecstasies which I had experienced in my past. I was as aware of my naked posterior as I ever had been and the hotter Alex rendered my flesh, the more I yearned for more. I rocked on the firm support provided by those broad thighs; I gasped, panted and sobbed as the fiery waves spread through my being; my brain thrilled to the ringing echo of hand on bottom-flesh.

To pervert a common saying, absence had obviously made my bottom grow fonder, because Alex's hand obviously wearied before my buttocks and I felt a keen sense of disappointment when it stopped. I peered back over my left shoulder. Alex was vigorously rubbing the right hand with the left, eyes fixed on my naked and undoubtedly crimson rump. I then remembered my audience and craned my neck round in the other direction. Pat's expression mimicked Alex's so precisely that I smiled through the hot tears coursing down my face. Then I recalled Alex's request that the events just witnessed should be committed to paper and I hoped that Pat had not been to carried away to obey...

When at last I rose from the supportive lap and my rosy-red cheeks had been subjected to a lingering and admiring inspection, Pat showed us the results. Both Alex and I were genuinely effusive in our praise. Given that the sketches were unfinished and only recorded the essentials with a plan to complete them in a more leisurely manner, they were beautifully evocative, with the outlines of our bodies depicting the essential actions of a good spanking to perfection.

From Hermione's Heart


Paul said...

Hermione, I would say, Chris is female, Alex is male, as for Pat, there is no real clue.
Warm hugs,

Hot_Bottom said...

I just finished reading Patience by Lisa Valdez. My wife had me read it. It is also set in the Victorian era, it has submission, spanking and light bondage.

Karl Friedrich Gauss said...

That was a fun little story.

I'm imagining that on your bookshelves, the top shelf is always the one that's filled to overflowing.

Hermione said...

Paul - Nice try, but Pat is the only male in the scene. I'm pleased that it didn't seem too obvious.

Hot Bottom - I think I need to add that to my collection.

Karl - Yes, packed full, and the books naturally fall open at certain highlighted passages :-)


ronnie said...

Good one Hermione, thanks. Look forward to more little excerpts of this one.