Sunday, May 16, 2010

One Giant Step

Ron and I engage in spanking strictly for enjoyment. For us, it's both fun and erotic, but never for discipline. Ron isn't interested in turning our favourite aerobic activity into punishment, and as he always tells me, I enjoy it so much it could never be punishment for me. But still, sometimes I wish he would pretend, and use the disciplinary words that press my buttons.

One evening, we were in the kitchen together, jointly preparing dinner, when Fluffy scratched at the back door. I let him out.

"Don't give him a treat when he comes in," Ron told me. "I'm mad at him. He was a nuisance today."

I heard, and agreed, but five minutes later, when Fluffy came back in, I automatically reached into the treat jar and popped a tiny doggy goodie into his open mouth.

Let me explain. The habit of giving a treat is one of long standing. The theory is that it encourages our dogs to go out in inclement weather to do their duty instead of using the carpet. It also provides an incentive to come in when they are called, even though there are so many interesting things to eat, roll in and bark at outdoors. So Ron's request was simply overruled by years of habit. It wasn't intentional.

But Ron noticed.

"You disobeyed me," he remarked.

"Um, yes."

"You disobeyed my order and gave Fluffy a treat," he continued in a very authoritarian manner. My heart leapt!

"Yes, Sir." I tried to sound contrite while wondering where this was going.

"Go upstairs and get the paddle out right now," Ron commanded.

I stood and stared, eyes wide with disbelief. These were the words I had been waiting for, even though I knew he didn't mean a word of it. We had just finished a vigorous spanking session half an hour earlier, so I suppose Ron was basking in a dominant afterglow. He had no intention of administering a second dose, but was still in spanko mode.

I hugged Ron and laughed as I told him, "You've finally got the dialogue down. You said exactly the right words. Thank you."

We've taken another giant step forward on our spanko journey together.

And no, I didn't get another spanking for disobedience.

I haven't told you about the one I got just before this happened, have I?

I must do that soon.

From Hermione's Heart


Anonymous said...


That is the first time I have ever given congratulations for someone being 3/4 told off.

It feels verty odd, but heh ho.

Er ... Congratulations!! :)

PK said...

Yes, yes, yes!! I have that need too and it can easily be filled with a little mock discipline - trust me after years and years of fantasizing about it my mind will take something like Ron's comments and turn it into exactly what I need.

Go Ron!!


daisy said...

There is definitely something about hearing the right words, in the right tone of voice, that can just make me melt. It doesn't always have to be about the spanking itself, just how he acts and talks can really do it.

Measha said...

Those moments are precious. When they happen I file it away in my mind and play it back over and over again all day long. :-)

ronnie said...

Music to your ears Hermione. Your'll will never forget that moment.

Well done Ron.


Anonymous said...

Fabulous. Some people need a pretext for spanking, and discipline can be that. Some people really believe it is discipline.Some people enjoy spanking for spanking sake. Really glad for you that Ron can have fun with the discipline aspect, and may just follow through someday, saying afterwards if you loved the first one, then the second one must have been even better.

Hermione said...

Poppy - Thank you so much!

PK - I know what you mean. Those words will feed a few fantasies.

Domesticdaisy - I agree. Words are so important.

Measha - That must make it hard to concentrate :-)

Ronnie - No, I won't, and I hope there will be more such moments to follow.

Red - True. It would be fun to try that. But don't tell him it's roleplay!


ThomasIII said...

Words can certainly leave a formidable impact. In its purest form, spanking has always been intended as disciplinary, so that part of spanking will always be romanticized in a spanko's mind, even if they don't actually prescribe to true discipline. It's the thought of "discipline" that creates the uneasiness that gets some of us going.

Now, I personally speak from the perspective of someone who actually practices both enjoyable and not-so-enjoyable aspects of spanking, including discipline, so it's not always roleplay when I tell a bottom that she's in trouble.