Monday, May 24, 2010

From the Top Shelf - Society I

Today, Canadians are celebrating Victoria Day, and I thought it might be fun to honour that royal person's memory by sharing a Victorian spanking novel with you this week.

In this second delightful excerpt from Annie and the Society by Evelyn Culber -- here is the first -- Annie, a Victorian lady who enjoys both giving and receiving corporal punishment, decides to hire a lady's maid to assist her with her personal needs. After receiving her husband's permission and overseeing the preparation of suitable accommodations, she begins interviewing applicants.

Then Bertha arrived and I fell for her at once. She was as tall as I, with glorious red hair which cascaded in glorious profusion from under her simple bonnet, green eyes, skin that was almost transparently clear, a pouty mouth and every sign of a richly contoured figure. Even more important, her demeanor charmed me from the outset. Her references were excellent and I hired her on the spot...

She added enormously to my enjoyment of life. At first she was no more than a willing and effective servant but, before long, I discovered in her an encouraging desire to learn. We began with lessons in reading and writing, for she was almost completely uneducated. Perhaps it was my inexperience in the arts of teaching, but progress was slow and my impatience with her apparent inability to grasp the basic principles of the alphabet must have communicated itself to her, in spite of my best efforts to be understanding.

"Perhaps I should be whipped, Madam," she whispered.

I stared at her, my breath stopped in my throat and the thudding of my heart loud in my ears... I remembered that only the day before I had made a nice swishy little birch for us to use in one of our sketches, and that I had never used one in earnest.

"Yes, Bertha. A nice whipping is definitely in order. Have you been treated so before?"

"Oh, often, Ma'am. Both my mother and father beat me. Well, my mother only spanks me but my father uses his belt."

"They still punish you?"


"Your bottom has tasted the birch?"

"No, Ma'am." She looked very apprehensive.

"Then it has a treat in store. Wait here."

With a spring in my stride, I went to collect the implement, thrillingly aware that another chapter was unfolding in what had already been a life rich in sensual experiences.

My eyes lingered on her for a moment before I left. She was blushing and her gaze flickered from downcast nervousness to a steady meeting of mine. Her hands rested on her lap and were trembling visibly. Her fear was tempered with odd stirrings deep within her. I smiled softly at her troubled little face and closed the door behind me.

The birch was in the Studio, so I had time to ponder. Did I simply punish her? Without emotion and with little involvement? Or dared I lead her to the first steps on that strenuous path to the pleasures which I now found rewarding beyond compare?

I walked slowly across the grass until I had reached the Studio, found the delicate little rod and closed the door behind me. The pliant bundle, the handle tied up in a pretty scarlet ribbon, helped me in my decision. As I raised the business end to my lips and kissed the tips of the twigs as though envying the quality of the skin and flesh they would soon themselves be kissing, I determined to make the forthcoming punishment as sensual as possible. I wandered back even more slowly.

I'll let you savour the anticipation too, and resume this tale tomorrow.

From Hermione's Heart


Anonymous said...

Happy Victoria Day, Hermione! And thanks for the snippet of Victoriana.

Hermione said...

Hi Dev,

Fireworks all weekend! (And in the sky too.) Glad you enjoyed it.


turiya said...

Nice one! Can't wait to read the next part! Happy Victoria day (even though it was yesterday for you)!



Lil Sam said...

Happy Victoria Day. Good story Hermione, looking forward to the rest of it
Hugs Lil Sam

ronnie said...

Delightful Hermione. Thank you.
Look forward to the next excerpt.

Happy Belated Victoria Day.


Hermione said...

turiya - I'm glad you enjoyed it.

Lil Sam - Thank you. I think you'll be pleased with the rest of it.

Ronnie - Thanks. Do you folks over there celebrate the day as well?


ronnie said...


No we don't celebrate Victoria Day, not sure why not.

Hope you enjoyed the day.