Saturday, May 1, 2010

Who Gets Spanked First?

Here's a tricky situation. It's Tuesday and the cheerleader has forgotten her permission slip. That means a spanking.

But the teacher has misspelled Tuesday. How does that change the situation? Does the cheerleader gets an extra day's grace? Fewer swats? Or should the teacher be spanked for setting such a bad example?

From Hermione's Heart



Wull iff krup spawling iss al ti taces two git hay gawd wallupin thun kount mi inn.


Hermione said...

Defredtpt - That's all it takes on this blog!


Anonymous said...

Hoo boy--that's a conundrum right there. Of course, the cheerleader is going to get hers right there as normal.

And any student who doesn't catch the spelling error will get some, too. Because the teacher will lie and say it was a trap, of course.

Then Mr. Teacher there can go down the hall to the union lounge where the Spelling Teacher will see to it that Tuesday is written properly upon his bare bottom in front of his own peers.

Why, that's a proper spank fest just waiting for the starting bell.

Our Bottoms Burn said...

It will come as no surprise to you that I feel they should both be spanked. Don't cheerleaders wear those skirts so they can be eaisly be spanked?

Hermione said...

Anonymous - Let the games begin!

OBB - Yes, I believe they do!


Lil Sam said...

I like what Anonymous wrote.
they both have a spanking coming
Hugs lil sam