Friday, May 21, 2010

Friday Fail

Spanking positions that I would not like to find myself in. Do they work for you?

Just a small matter of breathing here.

Only recommended for the very athletic spankee. Are those suction cups on her hands and knees?

I think this lady is safely out of reach from any spanker who is afraid of heights.

Photos are from Ridiculous Poses.

From Hermione's Heart


Anonymous said...

I am very worried about that first lady. I think someone should call the police.

And I think whilst we have the phone out we should also order a pizza for that second lady.

ronnie said...

LOL, was thinking exactly the same as Poppy about the first picture.

Congratulations on getting Chrossed this week my friend, good for you.


Anonymous said...

I'm the brave guy who would be scared to get up the tree--but when she came down... boy, would she be in trouble

Hermione said...

Poppy - I agree. The first one is creepy!

Pizza? I'll second that!

Ronnie - Thank you, and the same to you!

Mick - Call the fire department and get her down.


Anonymous said...

funny, thanks... climbing a tree though to spank this woman would be a tree [treat]

Hermione said...

Red - Possibly. And there would be plenty of switches handy.