Thursday, May 6, 2010

All You Really Need

Last weekend was quite busy for us, so spanking had to take a back seat until things quieted down. Once the busyness and its associated stress were over, I tried reminding Ron that I was in need of a spanking that was now, in my mind, overdue. But he had other ideas and seemed unenthusiastic.

"Not tonight."

"But the stress is over."

"But I'm still stressed and tired."

"Fine. Tomorrow?"

"No, I have to mow the lawn. That's stressful too, and I'll be too tired after that."

He would. It's a big lawn. But wasn't I more important than having short grass? I made my disappointment silently apparent and Ron eventually gave in.

"Wednesday for sure."

Sigh. It would have to do.

The next morning I was up first, and when I looked out the window I saw a winter wonderland. Huge snowflakes slowly drifted down to earth to join their companions already covering the green grass. There would be no cutting of grass today! In that case, there was no reason to postpone the spanking any longer, and I said so when Ron joined me for breakfast.

"So, no mowing today."

"It might dry out."

"Nice try, but I don't think so. You'll have plenty of energy to give me a spanking tonight."

It was Ron's turn to sigh. He knew when he was beaten, and I spent the day in a happy mixture of anticipation and dread.

Sometimes snow is something you really need!

And the spanking? I'll tell you all about it soon.

From Hermione's Heart


PK said...

I am happy you got the snow and the spanking. But I think it would have hurt my feelings that he wasn't more enthusiastic. That's been my problem for a while. If I need a spanking and I don't feel Nick really wants to I retreat and start closing down.

I think you are doing something very right and I wish you could tell me how to stop feeling the way I do sometimes.


Anonymous said...

Isn't it funny? I fight spanking with all I have*. We are all different chickens I think.

*But I am kind of glad he insists. (Shhhh- don't tell.)

Daisychain said...

Hi Hermione!
Glad you won! But, surprised he isn't more thrilled by the prospect of spanking you!
As to Poppys comment, heehee, Poppy, I'm with you, hun!!! I fight as hard as I can to deserve one, then use every argument, excuse, and dirty trick to get out of it!! If I succeed, I am so disappointed! If I fail, I am (secretly) elated, though very apprehensive! xxxxxx
Oh, what a brilliant word verification is THIS???? "flays" haha!

Hermione said...

PK - Well, you have a good point. But I tell myself that even when Ron doesn't feel like it, he knows I still need that kind of attention, and he has promised to take care of it whenever I tell him I want to be spanked. He usually ends up enjoying himself.

Poppy - Yes, I guess we are different. I can't get enough of it. Perhaps you don't enjoy pain as much as I do.

Daisy - Perhaps he has had too much of a good thing, like eating too much chocolate. I never fight to avoid a spanking. Perhaps I'm too easy :-) so there's no thrill of the chase for him.



you still have snow! Here the Crataegus (Hawthorn) is flowering, as in the May Flower, as in 'nare cast a clout till May is out'. So the clout of choice is trousers, for me and then I bend over :-)


Hermione said...

Prefectdt - No, we don't actually have snow on the ground. That lot melted by evening. We have several hawthorns too, but not flowering yet. There are flowering trees in bloom but not sure what they are. We still have mostly spring bulbs in bloom, plus hellebore, violas and trolius. Any day now, field poppies.

Anonymous said...

Wasn't the Universe kind to provide a snow fall for you.

Salvia said...

Hiya Hermione:)
Usually, I wouldn't be happy about the snow, but for a spanking, I'd make an exception!

ronnie said...


I bet that's the first time you were glad to see snow :) It up to Ron when he decides to spank you but if not at that exact time you do know that he will when he is ready.


Hermione said...

Burl - Mother Nature must be a spanko too.

Salvia - Same here!

Ronnie - Yes, I'm not usually so thrilled, except for the first snowfall of the winter. And you are quite correct: it's up to Ron to decide.


Unknown said...

Snow is always a good thing, as when it melts, you don't have to water. In FLorida however, it is really harmful.
However, why does Ron have to cut the grass???? BEats going to the gym, works off calories, and gives you time outdoors. You should have volunteered to cut at least half of the grass.

Hermione said...

Red - Yes, mowing is good exercise, but Ron's pretty fussy about his lawn and only he can cut it correctly. Lucky me!


Unknown said...

all the more reason to cut it,as you might get spanked each time until you learn the proper method.... red

Hermione said...

I suppose it's worth a try.