Thursday, May 20, 2010

A Good Spanking? Priceless

Last week while strolling through a large drugstore I noticed foil-wrapped packages on display:

Vanilla MasterCards? It's hard to make out the print on the wrapper, but here's what was inside the package:

I had never heard of them before, so when I got back to my computer I looked it up. The site was extremely helpful and polite, if somewhat misguided:

They are like gift cards, but they're prepaid credit cards.
Why? Prepaid credit cards are great because you aren't charged interest as there is no balance owing. You basically use the amount on the card. They are also better than store gift cards as gift cards usually can only be used at the store where they were purchased. Since prepaid MasterCards are also credit cards, you can use them virtually anywhere credit cards are accepted electronically.

I hope it's only a matter of time until we also see this:

From Hermione's Heart


turiya said...

LOL... I'd buy the Kinky MasterCard for sure!!! :-D



Daisychain said...

LOL, I wouldn't...I would SO pull out the wrong card at the wrong time and die of embarrassment! xxxxxx

ronnie said...

I'm with Turiya, definitely the kinky card for me.

Good find Hermione.


Sara said...

The kinky card's a great more weird sounding vendors, a collection of initials, on my 'vanilla' ones!

Anonymous said...

I want one! Could we have a pretty picture on it, do you suppose?

Maybe a big, strong handsome man looking stern and taking his belt off.

Hermione said...

turiya - They'd do a fine business.

Daisy - That would be very embarrassing. You could keep it strictly for internet shopping.

Ronnie - Me too. Glad you liked it.

Sara - I'll bet no one would even notice the handcuffs in the corner.

Poppy - That picture would get you extra air points at least!


Unknown said...

kink is always good! Howeer, being economical I use credit cards but pay off the entire amount each time...USing their money for a few weeks instead of mine.

Hermione said...

Red - So do Ron and I, without fail.