Wednesday, February 16, 2011

That's a Wrap

How does your spanker signal the end of a session? Ron has various ways of letting me know when he has finished spanking me.

Some are non-verbal. He may give me a pat on the bottom, or a tap on the head. But he usually accompanies these gestures with an interesting closing line.

"Your bottom is bright red (or purple, or fuchsia)."

That's all. My arm is tired."

You've got a blister on your bum."

"Your bottom is as red as Rudolph's nose."

"Go outside and sit in the snow."

"You're glowing in the dark."

"I'm missing my football game."

"We have achieved the necessary fluorescence."

From Hermione's Heart


Melanie said...

"We have achieved the necessary fluorescence." I love it.

ronnie said...

I love them Hermione. Ron certainly has some intersting closing lines.


Raven Red said...

I wish I did have snow to go and sit melts to quickly (GRIN)

Loved this!



Erica said...

He's a clever one, that Ron! :-)

New Guy doesn't say anything, but he finishes me with 10-20 of whatever nasty implement he decides on that evening, and I have to count them. After that, we both know I'm done.

By the way, my "captcha" code with this comment is "pants."


Fuchsia!? Fuchsias come in all sorts of colours and usually three colours at once. If your rear end can be described as "Fuchsia" then it is definitely time to stop.


Hermione said...

Melanie - That one's my favourite too.

Ronnie - He does, considering he's a man of few words.

Raven - You're welcome to some of ours. All you can shovel away.

Erica - That's a good ritual to have. then you know what to expect.

Prefectdt - Yes, I love the flowers. But I think in this case he means a hot pink colour.


sixofthebest said...

Hermoine, your husband should say, "My heart glows with the warmth of my love for you, as the warmth of your bare blushing bottom, that I now so enjoyably I see. For I am the luckiest man, on this earth."

Pink said...

Ha..the fluorescence one.

D doesn't say so much as his interest turns to an entirely different direction. Then I know we are on to Phase 2 of the evening.

Daisychain said...

LOL, some fuchsias are pure white...LOLOL
But, I love his closing lines! Davey usually finishes by caressing my bottom, which is lovely...unless it was a punishment, in which case he disappears to fetch much needed ice! xxxxxxxxx

Hermione said...

6otb - Wow. That's quite a finish!

Pink - That's one of the non-verbal signals. I like those too.

Daisy - The pure white kind is probably not what he was referring to. I like the idea of finishing with ice - another non-verbal ending.


Unknown said...

I am missing my football game... now that is a man who loves you that would take time out from watching football to spank you. Smiles