Sunday, February 6, 2011

You Completed the Caption

Here are your clever captions and some videos for this odd party picture.

Prefectdt: He thinks "I'm not sure that I explained Mummification to her properly."

He said "Ever since we were at that hypnotist's show, she has been convinced that she is an Andrex puppy."

Daisychain: "Play the game, don't wrap it round my bottom, I won't be able to feel the spanking!"

Michael: Mr. Whipple decided on the spot that his wife Mildred was no longer allowed to squeeze the Charmin.

Season: "This will teach you to replace the roll instead of leaving the empty tube for me to change! Now everyone can see what a bad boy you have been"

Bonnie: "But Daddy doesn't want to be a mummy!"

Aeon's Angel: Safe, sane and Charmin!

Ronnie: "I knew she shouldn't have had that port and lemon; the bride said 'wrapping paper' not 'wrap your partner."

SixoftheBest: The gentleman says to the lady, "Matilda, all I asked you is do you know where the men's toilet is located. She answers, "Harry, I thought you said do you know how to do the Bavarian Bondage Polka."

Kaki: "OK class, next week we will work on ropes."

Kingspan: "No, Dear, I said I'd like to try CP, not TP."

Underling: Bondrex - soft, strong, and very very long.

Hermione: Harold learned of Maude's kinky preference in a most unexpected way.

Thanks you all who participated. I enjoyed those videos! Come back next week for a different challenge.

From Hermione's Heart

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