Sunday, February 20, 2011

Guess the Implement - the Reveal

This wonderful paddle is actually a knee paddle tape weaving loom. Congratulations to Kelly Red and Miranda for correctly guessing it is used for weaving. They must be two old-fashioned girls who like doing things by hand.

Here is the description from the web page it appeared on:

Before the time of elastic and zippers, tapes similar to shoe strings were woven to gather waistbands and make other clothing accessories. These were done on tape looms. 

This loom is patterned after some historical looms. The warp is threaded through the slats and holes to produce the shed for weaving. The warp ends are tied to the weavers waist and another stable object similar to using a back strap loom. The knee paddle is held between the weaver's legs- curved cut outs are on each side for this purpose.

This produces a warp faced weave.

Thanks for your guesses. This wasn't an easy one, and I never would have guessed. See you next week when once again we will Complete the Caption.

From Hermione's Heart


Dave Wolfe said...

Thanks, Hermione! Nope, I wouldn't have ever guessed that, because I didn't even know they did such things!

But, y'know, that would make interesting... patterns!

Zelle said...

Oh my gosh.. it so looked like the back side of a hair brush to me.. but not a people hair brush.. one I have at the barn for the horses tails! LOL - For some reason.. I'm really rolling my r's now and saying thinking about rumba panties.. Rrrrruffles Have Rrrridges!

>> oh poor Season!!

ronnie said...

Very unusual. Had no idea what it was. Thanks Hermione.


Hermione said...

Dave - It was new to me too. Lovely patterns, and so straight and even.

Zelle - LOL! Ridges, indeed. From the measurements Season gave us, this thing's HUGE!. I don't actually think she has one (yet).

Ronnie - My pleasure. This was quite an unusual implement.