Sunday, February 27, 2011

You Completed the Caption

This woman will have to eat her words when she reads these shockers:

Michael: "Dear, this is a paddle, this is a spreader bar and these are nipple clamps; now please undress."

SixoftheBest: President Obama has invited Sarah Palin to visit him in his Oval Office. And has promised to give her a 'spanking good time'.

Kingspan: Thank you, but my language is not the point of this discussion, young lady. What you said was shocking to me and the Vicar, and there is a bar of soap and a hairbrush in your immediate future.

Anonymous: Well let's try out our new Tens unit and see if that can shock you.

Ronnie: "I'm leaving you and by the way, I've just won £52 million on the lottery."

Prefectdt: "I've set fire to the cotton wool that you stuffed in your ears."

Pink: "Sometimes, when I'm spanking you, I pretend you're my Uncle Irv. Except Irv never looked so good in petticoats."

Redxxx: Ron just wrote on a blog that Hermione has started spanking him, and it is not consensual. She simply decided it was time Ron felt the back of a hairbrush, not just holding the handle.

Hermione: You may be the CEO, but you forgot to draw the drapes last night. I saw you over your husband's knee, getting what you deserve.
Thanks for having some shocking fun together.  Next week there will be a very special celebration. I hope you will all join me.

From Hermione's Heart

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Zelle said...

omg! Those were so funny! Sorry I missed the original blog.. my schedule is killin' me here lately!