Friday, February 18, 2011

The Quest for the Look

The J.Lo look, that is. A woman died recently after undergoing illegal buttock-enhancement surgery. She and a friend had traveled from London to Philadelphia, and were injected with silicone by a "surgeon" in a hotel room near the airport. The woman developed chest pains and later died in hospital; her friend survived.

The past president of the British Association of Aesthetic Plastic Surgeons said: "There was a craze for the [Jennifer Lopez] look for a time, where women wanted more voluminous buttocks and a bit more of a curve."

The alternatives to silicone injections are buttock implants or complex protein injections; both methods are legal but expensive and time-consuming. The silicone substance used in the illegal, unregulated procedure is not approved for use in the US, and is banned in some countries.

The woman in question had undergone a similar procedure a few months ago. How big did she want them to be?

Prefectdt has a link to the full story in this post. It's a popular topic!

From Hermione's Heart


B'Man said...

Wow...that's alotta patotta. A bit much for my tastes(in this photo) - and obviously dangerous to try to duplicate with chemical enhancements.

Dying to be beautiful is a too common occurrence these days.

Anonymous said...

J-Lo is amply blessed, but isn't the photo enhanced?

There are a lot of ways to look pretty--dying ain't one of them.

Bonnie said...

When I was a teen, I thought my combination of being small on top and big on the bottom was an awful curse. Now we see that very look presented as beautiful and fashionable.

I say skip the surgery and wait for fashion to catch up!


Libby said...

I have to say, I'd do a lot for a booty like J-Lo's, but dying kind of defeats the purpose.


ronnie said...

I can't believe she had it done in a hotel room. Be happy with whatever size you got I say.


Unknown said...

natural is always the best. Could you imagine spanking silicon bottoms... ugh!
Men love women of all sizes and shapes, and hopefully for the person contained inside,not just the outside view.

Hermione said...

B'Man - Yes, a lot of plastic surgery is safe, but there's always a risk, and unfortunately, the deaths make the news.

Mick - Enhanced? I don't know. I wasn't familiar with J Lo till I started searching for a photo for this post.

Bonnie - Good idea! Who knows what might be fashionable next. Just as well to be on the leading edge when it happens.

Libby - Yes, it kinda does.

Ronnie - The hotel room makes it so much sleazier, and the women so much more desperate.

Red - I agree. In a solid relationship, you stop noticing the outside very quickly.


Daisychain said...

It makes me so angry to think how dumb those people are.... fancy going all the way to America to get crappy illegal work done! They coulda got crappy work done in a sleazy London hotel here in the UK, and saved the fare....
seriously, I think it is so sad that people are always looking for the quick fix... botox, facelifts, bigger bums, smaller bums, bigger or smaller or perter breasts... a new nose, plumped up lips, tummy tucks... once upon a time, we were content to work for what we desired... we exercised, ate healthily, and, if that didn't work, learned during the journey to put up with the hand we were dealt...but, at least we stayed alive that way.

Raven Red said...

Yikes. In South Africa, in the Zulu culture a woman with a big bottom is regarded as desireable - as it is a sign of her fertility.
I might not be of Zulu origin - but at this stage I will make a good Zulu wife. Trying desperately with diet to reduce size (GRIN)

It is actually so sad how people can go overboard with the craze of "changing" themselves into what they believe is perfection.


As your blog is one that attracts a high number of commenters,I am glad that you picked up this topic Hermione, it is good to see peoples thoughts on this matter.

I do not think that I have ever met a person, in my whole life, who was 100% happy with their body shape, be they male or female. This does make some people vulnerable to dodgy practitioners. It is important that people are aware of the dangers that these people are putting their victims in.


Zelle said...

Having seen the original of J-Lo, I can concur with Mick.. this pic is enhanced!

But even before the enhancement.. the J-Lo's and the Kim Kardashian's of the world got a bit too much junk-in-the-trunk for my tastes!

However.. I do LOVE curvaceous (hour glass) figures..You can see that a lot on the show MAD MEN -- The clothes the women wear totally reflect the era and certainly enhance the curves!

Hermione said...

Daisy - It's ridiculous, and very sad.

Raven - Yes, voluptuous bodies were once fashionable, and a sign of wealth too.

Zelle - Who knew someone would need to enhance that butt?

I love Mad Men. That voluptuous secretary was always getting her heart-shaped bottom slapped.