Wednesday, February 23, 2011

Wednesday WIN

Isn't this a sexy matchbox? It would make lighting candles for a romantic evening even more exciting.

From Hermione's Heart


Michael said...

Most definitely a win! Nice mid-week eye opener, Hermione. Thanks.

Our Bottoms Burn said...

Back in the smoking days, gals could have had them made up with their own bottoms on them. When the gent lit her cigarette, she could say keep them.

Would like to see Bogey and Becall do that scene.

Anonymous said...

Makes me want to take up smoking. It conjures up all kinds of words with double meaning: strike, aflame, burn, sizzle, hot, etc.

sixofthebest said...

When I see a naughty lady light up a cigarette. I get the urge to take her knicker's down, just as is pictured on this match, and spank her. Saying to her "Stop smoking it can kill you" And I mean every serious word I just wrote.

Rayne said...

Very lovely, Hermione! :D

Hermione said...

Michael - My pleasure.

OBB - I'd like to see that too.

Mick - Yeah, I thought it might!

6otb - Good for you. Smoking has tragic consequences.

Rayne - Thanks.



Would it not be nice if this box contained matches shaped like little canes. I would buy a good stock of them :)


P.S. I am chugging on my pipe as I write this but it was lit with a lighter, shame.


Raven Red said...

Loved them!! Where on earth do you find all these things that you do? I always feel like a child on Christmas eve, excited to see what I am going to find...



ronnie said...

Definitely a Wednesday win Hermione. I loved Pref's idea of the matches shaped like little canes.


Hermione said...

Prefectdt - I love that idea of the canes.

Raven - Most of the time, I come across the pictures accidentally. But I am on a large number of mailing lists, so I often see things that I wouldn't otherwise find.

Ronnie - Thanks. I thought it was appropriate.


Unknown said...

Unfortunately I do not like candles. This set of matches could last forever.