Monday, February 14, 2011

A Valentine for Ron

I hope he uses it effectively as part of our Valentine celebration.

These might add a little sweetness and spice to our special evening.

From Hermione's Heart


Michael said...

Happy Valentine's Day, Hermione. I know you and Ron will make it a memorable one.

LOVE the candy cuffs! I remember those candy necklaces as a kid and how much fun they were, but the cuffs takes fun in a whole new direction.

Kaelah said...

Happy Valentine's Day, Hermione! Have a wonderful Valentine celebration and I hope you get a nice Valentine's Day spanking... :-)

Anonymous said...

Cute post. I hope your Valentine's Day is spank-o-rific :)


Anonymous said...

Happy Valentine's Day, Hermione. I hope it is all you desire and more.

ronnie said...

Happy Valentine's Day Hermione. Hope you both have a wonderful evening whatever you do.

Love the cuffs.


Raven Red said...

Happy Valentine's day to you and Ron.

Lots of hugs


Erica said...

How CUTE! :-)

Hope you and Ron have a happy, spanky and romantic Valentine's Day.

Emanuele Lombardi said...

Happy Valentine's Day I hope the day lives up to your expectations



Unknown said...

I wonder what Ron's valentine to you looks like. "Love Hurts" or "Get Over My Knee" or "My Hand Belongs to You"...

Have a great one, Hermione!

Hermione said...

Thank you so much, everyone, for the good wishes.


Dave Wolfe said...

Happy Heart day to you two-- and may Ron quickly lose his place as he begins to nibble on the candy cuffs!

Daisychain said...

Heehee, loving the cuffs... I once saw a mens thong in those candy sweets.... LOL xxxxxxx