Saturday, February 26, 2011

Complete the Caption

What did someone say to this lady that would prompt her to say this? I'll bet my readers can come up with something that will shock her, even though she's been around the block a time or two.

Leave your shocking suggestion, invitation, warning or innuendo as a comment or in an email. I'll post them - if I dare - tomorrow.
From Hermione's Heart


Michael said...

"Dear, this is a paddle, this is a spreader bar and these are nipple clamps; now please undress."

sixofthebest said...

President Obama has invited Sarah Palin to visit him in his Oval Office. And has promised to give her a 'spanking good time'.

Kingspan said...

Thank you, but my language is not the point of this discussion, young lady. What you said was shocking to me and the Vicar, and there is a bar of soap and a hairbrush in your immediate future.

Anonymous said...

Well let's try out our new Tens unit and see if that can shock you.

ronnie said...

"I'm leaving you and by the way, I've just won £52 million on the lottery."



"I've set fire to the cotton wool, that you stuffed in your ears.".


Pink said...

"Sometimes, when I'm spanking you, I pretend you're my Uncle Irv. Except Irv never looked so good in petticoats."

Unknown said...

Ron just wrote on a blog that Hermione has started spanking him, and it is not consensual. She simply decided it was time Ron felt the back of a hairbrush, not just holding the handle.