Sunday, February 13, 2011

You Completed the Caption

Here are your captions for this unusual encounter in the park.

Anonymous: "Does this dress make my butt look fat?"

Daisychain:  "That butt is just like mine...but I wish mine were hard as iron too."

Our Bottoms Burn: I think it's a mannequin that someone is having some fun with.

Prefectdt: The Wilmington Post headline read: "Wilmington's most spankable butt is honoured with a statue in the park."

Season: "Honey, In honor of National Act Like a Statue day, let's go to the park. The rule is that you need to pose with whatever statues we come across."

"Hrumph! We couldn't have gone to see the Statue of Liberty?"

Michael: Artist's model, Cassandra Callipygian, visited the park everyday still angry that the city had run out of money to finish the rest of her statue.

Poppy: I think this is a cunning plan to get the statue spanked instead of the innocent girl and in doing so have Top's hand break so that he cannot do her any harm for yonks.

Kuaitomboblo: "I can stand here in this park as long as you, statue.. " 

Ronnie: "I'm sure my bottom isn't that big, is it?"

Bonnie: "How could she possibly have thought of it first? She hasn't even got a head!"

Sixofthebest: "Butt officer, why are you giving me a ticket. I'm parking my butt, not my car in this park".

Kaelah: […] Unfortunately, the sculptor forgot to tell his model that the statue was finished. And so she stood in the park, posing for the long-gone sculptor ever after...

Raven Red: "The next person that flips a coin, asking heads or tails, will be severely spanked!"

Kingspan: Henceforth, the Cast Iron Bottom award shall be presented annually to the spankee over whom the most paddles are broken.

Red: "I am NOT going to go topless."

Dave Wolfe: Here are two finely sculpted derrieres, but which one is actually the hardass?

Hermione: "The next time I pose for a statue I'll wear a matching pair of boots."

Emanuele Lombardi: Didn't I tell you this was my sculpture officer. Do you need any more evidence?

Welcome to our new contributors, and thanks, everyone, for playing. Next week, there will be an implement to guess, and be warned: it's a toughie. 

From Hermione's Heart


ronnie said...

Very clever captions Hermione. Look forward to next week.

Happy Valentine's Day.


Daisychain said...

Hermione, your caption was cruel - the poor girl couldn't help being born with one leg longer than the other, woooooooooohooooo!
Hahahahahaha! (I didn't even notice one was pulled higher than the other; was too busy being jealous of her ass!!!!!!! xxxxxx

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I love it, Hermione, which I guess shows once again that I am a total geek!

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