Thursday, September 8, 2011

Amuse, Abuse

Although we have planned weekly spankings, Ron loves to launch unexpected sneak attacks whenever he can. Recently I was clearing some clutter off the coffee table - something Ron is very strict about, because I tend to use it as a dumping ground - when I suddenly felt a sharp smack on my bottom.

I froze and held my breath. It was soon followed by several more. I thought this was slightly odd; after all, I was clearing off the table before the piles got too high.

"I hope you're amusing yourself," I remarked a bit sarcastically.

Ron  didn't miss a beat. "Amusing myself; abusing yourself," and gave me a final pat to send me on my way.

Not abuse, of course. I loved every minute of it.

From Hermione's Heart


Season said...

I think Michael has been taking lessons from Ron! I'm finding out first "hand" the difference between a long distance relationship and now living together. Sheesh.

Michael said...

I learn from the best. I only hope I can "abuse" Season as well as Ron "abuses" his lovely Hermione.

Hermione said...

Season - Now that you're within easy reach, it's quite different I'm sure. Location, location, location:-)

Michael - It takes practice, practice and more practice to reach that pinnacle of perfection!


Anonymous said...

I love the random spanks! Glad Ron is giving you what you like:)!


Unknown said...

Random, but well earned spanks. You should be able to find time enough in the day to put things in their proper place... tsk tsk... LOL

Hermione said...

Kitty - He's quite generous, in fact!

Red - Yes, I know, the coffee table is a "hot spot", even though I now have plenty of time to deal with it.


kiwigirliegirl said...

im a big fan of the flyby swats too :)

richardmt said...

You lucky girl!
Loving every minute of it, while
pretending you don't.
I must try that approach.
Wish me luck ;-)!

Daisychain said...

Nice one, Ron... in fact, nice group of ones! xxxxxxxx

ronnie said...

Gotta love our men when they do that.


Hermione said...

Kiwi - We should start a club.

Richardmt - It's worth a try - reverse psychology!

Daisy - Yes, very nice!

Ronnie - I'm afraid we do, in spite of ourselves.


Lea said...

Single "just passing by" swats actually kind of annoy me. I think it's a bit of a tease. If you're going to spank me, do it right! Lol.