Sunday, September 4, 2011

You Completed the Caption

This ravishing sextet prompted some scintillating captions:

Simon: You know, I'm not sure this wall is really falling down at all.


The audition for the next big girl band seemed to have taken a rather unusual turn.

Karl Friedrich Gauss:  And it's "Up against the wall you redneck mothers"...

Our Bottoms Burn: for me, it would entering the promised land.

Six of the best: From my vantage point, I recognize all these voluptuous female bottoms. From left to right, their names are Hermione, Bonnie, Erica, Zelle, Haron, and Poppy. I can dream can't I?

Mindset: "Did I hear right...they turned the paddywagon into the PADDLE wagon!?!?"

Bonnie: "So if this is our initiation ceremony, what was last week's paddling for?"

Kingspan: Sir, can you tell us which of the girls in the lineup was the one who mooned you?

Ronnie: I thought for a police line up you had to face front.

Lea: One turns to the other and says, "Did you see the paddle he was getting? I don't think I care about getting into this sorority THAT much!"

Red: As the outlaw said to the girls, stick em up, and stick em out... :)

Daisychain: "No, Michael, it seems it was not any of these girls who sat on your chocolate bar...."

Richardmt: OK girls, on the count of three, stretch up and out.

fanz123: What do you mean, I can only spank one. You told me tonight was a free for all.

Red II: OK, then. Six of the best for six of the best.

Bobbie Jo: "Here's another fine mess we're in!"

"You can say that again. All we wanted was to have a little fun and then Ms. Smarty Pants over there decided it would be funny to put that paper bag full of dog poop on the principal's porch."

"And then she just HAD to ring the door bell and set it on fire!"

vfrat25000: The Texas University Cheerleading squad ran into a little trouble with airport security after Betty Lou tried to sneak three cans of hair spray on board their plane.

The last one to let go of the wall wins the wall. A WALL…! Megan you said we would win a new Ferrari. What the heck am I going to do with a WALL?

Ladies when you do “The Wave” at a Football Game, for crying out loud…Face the Players…!

Does anybody have any idea why we are standing here facing the wall with our arms raised up? I don’t have a clue but I saw Stefanie doing it and so I started doing it. Next thing I know there are six of us facing this wall. I hope no one is watching!

Michael: "Ready, Aim, Spank!"

bree512: They told me this was a speaking part in the film not a spanking part!

Prefectdt: When Miss Fynes decided it was time to give Johnny a good paddling, the eyehole-sized cracks, in the classroom wall proved to be very popular with the girls in the schoolyard.

Season: A new kind of shell game! Which imp is sporting a red bottom under her jeans? Place your bets!

Wordsmith: Pass it round girls - the sit down protest is cancelled until further notice...

Weave: Oh my, so ready to er, *help* them! Police lineups aren't what they used to be!!

Anonymous: "Place your hands against the wall, girls. It's time to pat you down."

Hermione: The new logo for the Moosejaw Mighty Mashers hockey team increased ticket sales by 300%.

Mitch: eenie, meenie, miney, moe ...
a paddle swat for you and you.

These little buns held roast beef.
These little buns held ham.
But these little buns got paddled.
Bam, bam, bam.

Thanks for spending part of the long weekend here. See you all next time!

From Hermione's Heart

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