Thursday, September 29, 2011

What do you think it's for?

"what's this for?" asked Ron, pointing to a wooden ruler lying on the kitchen counter near the back door.

I have to admit I'm not very diligent about putting things away when I'm finished with them. This particular ruler was one of a pair I had picked up on impulse at the dollar store; not because I needed two wooden rulers but because the sight of them sent shivers down my spine. I took one to work and left the other one at home. You never know when you might need a wooden ruler for one reason or another.

I checked the impulse to reply "What do you think it's for?" and explained to my husband that I had taken it outside to measure something and hadn't had a chance to return it to my desk.

"I know what it's for," Ron replied, and briskly applied it to the seat of my jeans. I barely felt it through the heavy fabric, but smiled as i felt a shiver of delight run through me. Rulers are handy things to have around. I'm glad I hadn't put it away.

From Hermione's Heart


Anonymous said...

Excellent story. Every time I see a wooden ruler, I think of a nun in a black habit and I bury my hands in my pockets.

Hermione said...

Joey - And did hiding your hands help you when you had been a naughty little boy at achool?

I thought not.


sixofthebest said...

Hermione, one could say, both you and your hubby Ron, 'ruled the day'. With your luscious bottom, and his 'six inches', of dynamite.

sarah thorne said...

yeah, they always see things through the eyes of a 'spanko', don't they? Funny how everything can be viewed through the vision of how it can possibly be used for a spanking. Altho a ruler,'s not to hard to imagine. ;)


Anonymous said...

LOL. Of course it did not help. In fact, it would have earned a hair pulling or ear twisting as well.

Mikki said...

I too seem to collect items that remind me of a spanking... even though I hate most any implement besides our brush and his hand. I kind of "hide" them in our house by using them for decorations! ;o)

bree said...

On your jeans, Hermione? How disappointing. The proper way would be bare-bottomed. I call a do over for Hermione. ;)


Been looking for a good wooden ruler for a while now, they seem to be a bit scarce in Belgium. I like the one marked in inches.


Hermione said...

Six - He'd love the "six inches of dynamite" moniker!

Sarah - Yes, we do tend to do that, but as you say, with a ruler it's a given.

Joey - Thought so!

Mikki - Decorations? Or reminders to behave yourself?

Bree - In this case, it was okay. The ruler has a metal edge, and we would rather be safe than sorry.

Prefectdt - These were rather flimsy; plastic ones are so much easier to find. In the good old days, sturdy 18 and 24 inch rulers were common.


kiwigirliegirl said...

mmmmmm i like wooden rulers too...will have to look out for one in our local thrift store hehehe....

Unknown said...

Daddy broke my clear plastic one! Yes on my arse!

Daisychain said...

That is what is known as a rhetorical question! xxxxxxx

Stormy said...

We have a big yard stick..I keep it out of sight :)

Dakota & Suzy said...

Ooh, I forgot all about rulers... I'll have to tell Dakota about them. :)

Lea said...

Smart guy, that Ron. At least you don't have to hint too much.

ronnie said...

It's funny the items we buy and not for the use they were intended.

I must hunt my wooden ruler out.

Have a good weekend Hermione.


Hermione said...

Kiwi - I'm sure you'll find one sooner or later.

Mindset - Ouch!

Daisy - Very true. No need to reply!

Stormy - Good for you. That's a whole lot of wood!

Dakota& and Suzy - Good (or maybe bad) idea.

Lea - Not anymore. He's pretty sharp when it comes to spanking.

Ronnie - Yes, most of my implements are never used for their vanilla purpose.

Have a great weekend, everyone!


AboutSpankings said...

We've got a pretty good collection of rulers here... including some rubber and ouch filled plastic ones. Nothing beats traditional wood though!

~Todd and Suzy

Hermione said...

Todd and Suzy - I'd like to try a rubber one. I don't suppose they're very good for measuring:-)