Monday, September 19, 2011

Spank Like a Pirate

Today is Talk like a pirate day. In keeping with the theme, here are some helpful spanking terms that have been piratized:

You've been a naughty wench

Hand me that yardarm

Bend over the plank

Lower yer sails and present yer poopdeck

Incoming cannons on the starboard bow


From Hermione's Heart


Bonnie said...

Arrr, there be fire in the aft!

O'er that keg ye go, landlubber!

Where be me flogger, wench?

Surrender the booty!

Aye, we 'ave a plank, but ye'll not be walking it

sixofthebest said...

What should we do with a drunken sailor, spank her in the morning.

Kaki said...

Congratulations, Hermione, on your one million visits. Sorry I am late but at least I got it in before your second million. :-) I've been reading your posts everyday for just over a year and enjoy them very much.

Shiver me timber, that wench has a comely booty!

Dragon's Rose said...

Hmmm. Sounds like a fun party theme. Oh my…..

Meow said...

I wonder if the eyepatch hinders a pirates aim.

ronnie said...

Ahoy me hearty. Hoist up t' main sail and spanker

Good post Hermione.


richardmt said...

"With cat-like tread, upon our prey
we steal,
"In silence dread, our cautious way
we feel!"
I just love the Pirates of Panties,
err, Penzance.

Sammi said...

Arrrr, Matey! ;)


Hermione said...

Bonnie - Thanks for the contributions. Every one's a butt - er, knee slapper!

Six of the Best - Good idea!

Kaki - Thank you for your faithful reading. It's much appreciated!

Dragon's Rose - Wouldn't it be fun to have a pirate party today.

Meow - I think it alters depth perceptions. "Bottoms are closer than they appear."

Ronnie - I remember that line from a limerick - it always makes me smile!

Richardmt- That was the first G&S operetta I ever saw, and still my favourite.

Sammi - Ahoy to you too.


Anonymous said...

Ya gotta love a pirate theme! I think a pirate party would be fabulous. :) And I love that cute little kitty pic and caption, adorable! ;)

sixofthebest said...

"A spanked bare bottom, is worth a 'pot of gold'" So says, Bluebeard, a pirate of olde.

kiwigirliegirl said...

some very good captions :) well don everyone

Hermione said...

Grace - When I found the photo, I knew i had to use it somehow. It's too funny!

Six - Lovely rhyme! Thanks.

Kiwi - Yes, they're all wonderful. This was a lot of fun.


Daisychain said...

A pirate party is fun! Went to one last week! Its such an easy costume to make! xxxx

Hermione said...

Daisy - Yes, easy except for the wooden leg and hook :-) I hope you had a lovely time.