Sunday, September 18, 2011

You Completed the Caption

Season: "You have FIVE seconds to get yourself across my knee, little miss Vickie!"

Queen Victoria was kinkier than people realized...

Michael M: "There is no point in being a conquistador if I don't get to spank someone!" he said in a petulant tone.

Ronnie: "That's enough of your insolence wench, fetch me my flogger and I'll teach you to be more obedient in my presence."

Stephen: Five inches? Is that all?

vfrat25000: Bad news your highness, we just found out the Mary you just spanked is actually a MARVIN…..!

Somebody secretly switched King Henry’s nighttime sleepy tea to a double espresso.

Send my attendant to the corner drug store for some Gold Bond Powder. These tights chafe something awful.

Prunes…I need Prunes…My Kingdom for a bag of Prunes.

Your Highness, the Queen is here……..Oh My Stars…..Good Morning Dear…No Dear...I wasn’t spanking the Serving Wench she actually fell across my lap and her dress flew up…HONEST.

Daisychain: NO MORE, NO MORE, I can't spank another ONE!!! My hand is redder than the bottoms of those 29 girls, send the rest away!!!

Sweetpea: "No, no mistress. Please, no corner time; the flogging was enough," said the Earl of Essex to Elizabeth the 1st.

Simon: When Hermione said "Let's dress up" he'd imagined something less elaborate.

Six of the best: Sir Walter Raleigh saying to Queen Elizabeth the First. "Me thinks your highness deserves two lashings. My tongue on your pubic area, and my whip on your voluptuous naked rear end."

Hermione: The young prince knew it was time to usurp the throne when his father the king began spanking imaginary wenches.

Well, that made the weekend fly by! Please join us next week for a very special - and slightly naughty - picture for you to caption.

From Hermione's Heart

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