Tuesday, September 20, 2011

From the Top Shelf - Spin Dry

Sam Jayne's short story "Spin Dry" is a sweet tale about a woman who uses a washing machine for sexual pleasure. It isn't portable like a vibrator, but it's what she likes best. When her washer breaks down, she goes out I search of another, even though she hasn't any money. When she meets Jed on the street and learns he has won a large amount on a lottery scratch card, she invites him to her flat for whatever sexual favours he wants, in exchange for the money. What happens next surprises Kay and delights Jed, who has been trying unsuccessfully to bed her for a long time.

He followed Kay into the lounge and obediently sat down on her mattress while she disappeared into the bathroom. When she re-entered the makeshift bedroom his heart was thumping. She stood in her underwear - a black lace thong and bra - brandishing a cat o'nine tails Jed had purchased....

After restraining Jed, she gets down to business. Even though the role of domme is one she had never experienced before, Kay gets a thrill from it.

"Worthless scum," Kay hissed as she drew back the flogger and lashed Jed for the first time. He grunted as the whip struck his body, his buttocks clenching in the confines of his shorts. "Useless dog! Here's another..."

This time Jed couldn't contain a more audible yelp as the whip stung his flesh. Again and again Kay brought the nine tails of the flogger down on his back, reddening the skin until it was visibly sore.

Jed and Kay thoroughly enjoy themselves, and when it's over, she takes the money and runs, literally, to the home furnishings store to buy her new washer and have it delivered that evening. (This is fiction, so anything's possible.)

Turning on the controls to the fastest spin-dry speed, she grinned as the machine buzzed into life. On top of the washer Jed sat helplessly awaiting his torture. Kay could not pretend she hadn't enjoyed the afternoon and damned if she was going to let this man get away. With a smirk that promised pain she produced the cat o'nine tails from behind her back...

Jed shook his head, not quite believing his luck. Who'd have guessed the mysterious Kay was a closet dominatrix? Certainly not him, but there was little time to ponder this now. Duty called. Tensing his buttocks, he held his breath and braced himself as best he could for his very first washing machine thrashing. 

From The Mammoth Book of Best New Erotica, Volume 8, edited by Maxim Jakubowski.

From Hermione's Heart


maui girl said...

Cute. I read something like this once, but it involved a vibrating boat motor.

Our Bottoms Burn said...

I have read it all now

Hermione said...

Maui Girl - Welcome! That boat motor sounds interesting!

OBB - Yeah, kind of far-fetched, but if it floats her boat.

LOL now I have a picture of a boat motor...!


ronnie said...

Whatever turns you on:) Certainly different from your usual Top Shelf posts Hermione. Thanks for sharing.


Daisychain said...

That has to be one of the strangest stories ever...lol, Grace should read it...laundry might become her friend, hahaha! xxx

crankyspanker said...


I can almost hear that little kitty cat purring. I wonder if the washer works best with an unbalanced load.


Hermione said...

Ronnie - I think it would be a waste of water. Yes, rather unusual.

Daisy - Good point! It might be just what Grace needs.

Emanuele - Maybe tennis shoes in the washer would work.